UnoTelly UnoDNS Review – Unlock your favorite online shows Anywhere

Have you ever being tried to watch international shows but got blocked due to region limitations? There are many online TV shows, and movies that are not allowed to be broadcasted in different regions of the world. Even Google Music is not allowed in all parts of the country. Today I am going to show you a service that can help you to unlock rich unique web content with ease. This is done by using a premium DNS which act as a global gateway, known as ‘UnoTelly’. Without that it is quiet not possible to have international shows on your computer screen.

The era today is dedicated to internet. It is vast and expanding. We are living in the HD world where you can stream rich quality content directly on your computer desktop screen, without looking around for a TV. Technology is removing gaps between the devices bringing them near to each other. Without which it is not possible to have good quality entertainment.


If you belong to the group of people who love to watch movies and TV shows on their computer screen or who are having a SMART TV network at their home, can go with the service that I am going to explain in detail. UnoTelly is a no-nonsense DNS services. A gateway for your decide to unlock the potential on line HD streaming content. It does not matter where you stay, all you have to do is subscribe for UnoTelly and get an open road to stream content of your choice. It is very common that some of us travel to different countries and there we are unable to use our Netfilx or any similar subscription. That is because the region is not allowed to stream the content. There you can use UnoTelly.

If you are using your pc on an open public network then you have to use UnoVPN for the same. You just have to setup a simple internet connection with your computer to access a lot of locked content. UnoTelly is amazing service that is good enough to give you lot of benefits on your pc. No longer is your pc in the limitation of region based content. Everything here is open. UnoVPN is easy to setup. Before checking out the service it bit more detail let’s have a look on features it is going to offer.


  • Unlock TV Shows, Films and Music.
  • Choose countless channels from UnoTelly Catalogue.
  • Compatible with various OS, Portable Devices and media streaming devices.
  • Once subscribed use the services on unlimited number of devices.
  • Sort out channels in to different categories of your choice for fast selection.
  • 24×7 on Domain support.
  • Minimum Buffering.


UnoTelly is a paid service. There are two plans available in it. The first one is Premium Plan. That cost around $4.95 per month. This plan gives you unlimited access to UnoDNS. You can unlock more than 250+ channels. There are choices to select form 30+ fast DNS servers. And if you are not happy UnoTelly offer you a 7 day money back guarantee. The second plan is a Gold Plan. That cost around $7.95 per month. This includes all the benefits of Premium plan with a few extra benefits. But here you are getting UnoVPN also. It is supported by PPTP and OpenVPN protocol. A bit of advance use and required at many places like if you are on public DNS.

There are extra security benefits so that your privacy is never comprised. Right now UnoTelly only has these two plans. You can go with 8 day trail. This is only available for Premium Plan while for Gold you have to buy it directly. When you sign-up a trail there is no need to add any credit card details. Just put your Gmail id and password and done. Your plan is activated. Use it and enjoy streaming. Sometime you might have to sign up a 3 day trail of UnoVPN also. That is because of open DNS. This can comprise with the security and that is why UnoVPN is necessary here.

User Interface:

UnoTelly brings a very simple interface. Even if you do not really understand how to use this service, it might just take minutes for you to figure out the usage. The dash board will give you details about configuration of VPN if your DNS is not really good to go. You have to click on that and choose the wizard to activate UnoVPN. For Gold users this service is free or else after 3 day trail you have to pay separately for UnoVPN. It is necessary that you properly fill details in UnoVPN sign-up so that you get the best local server.  UnoTelly is not just a plain dns service it more than that. It can be your gateway to unlock various international channels which is not easy to watch through internet. Due to restriction various serials are not allowed for viewers. Here once you done with the subscription you have an open list to choose more than 200 channels. A few channels are free in US while the same are paid in other countries. You can just unlock everything.

UnoTelly UnoDNS Review
UnoTelly has a simple dashboard. Once subscribed your job starts with configuration of UnoVPN. For Gold users this service is free but for Premium you have to pay separately. You have to start with turning on UnoVPN. You will get a VPN access through it and that will change your IP address. The next job is to use UnoTElly DNS for fast streaming. UnoTelly guarantee you low buffering which is very common even on high speed internet. That is because of a distant DNS server which might very busy or slow in responsive. UnoTelly take cares of that. UnoTelly has kept things simple and straightforward. In one word things are less confusing here. There is no need to install multiple software’s. After login a wizard starts that verify your DNS and if that is not appropriate then it means you have to start UnoVPN first. Everything is accessible through You can make changes anytime through your tablet or Smartphone also. Being a web based service it is easier for you to have maximum control on what you are using.

UnoTelly UnoDNS Review1
UnoTelly reminds me a UI of Windows 8 Metro UI. Where you are having few important options marked as icon on the dash board. There are constant notifications if the DNS service is not appropriate. You can see a sample above. There is a section like Global Servers.

UnoTelly UnoDNS Review2
You can scroll down to get various IP address depending on your location and the maximum distance. Most of this server ip have UnoTelly Dynamo support. It is a smart way of choosing services as per your need. UnoTelly Dynamo is an intelligent DNS technology. It is developed by UnoTElly which help you to access region based services. Like you can access Netflix from US or Brazil depending on your choice and view videos of that region. Here you have to choose the country you want and done the channel is updated in the catalogue.

UnoTelly UnoDNS Review3
The next section is devices. UnoTelly has a very vast platform that almost works on any kind of devices. The above picture is just a simple. There are lot more devices below that. UnoTelly supports 60+ platforms. There is very less to worry whether the service is going to work on your device or not. And once you sign up for the paid plan, you can use UnoTelly in all your devices. There is no limitation here. So there is no need to pay separately for each separate device. All you have to do is click on devices part and choose your device type. You will get the instructions to configure UnoTelly DNS on that.

UnoTelly UnoDNS Review4

The next part is Channels. When you clicked on that depending on the server ip you selected or region you get the channels list here. On the top right you can see a number this keeps on increasing till it offer you the maximum amount of unlocked channel. All you have to do is click on that and start streaming. UnoTelly has a huge amount of channel list to go for. There are lot of thing you can watch and it is not at all possible without using UnoTelly. There might be dns service but there is nothing like UnoTelly where everything is properly placed at one location. No need to search for channels or simply look for different IP address and location. Everything is smartly placed in the dash board.

UnoTelly UnoDNS Review5

If you need a very effective streaming output limited to one single channel then it is better to stick with UnoTelly Dynamo. By default we have a dedicated section for this. You can go in that and select the country that you want and simply you’re Netflix starts streaming up the content of that region. It is simply amazing to use. At the bottom as you keep on scrolling you can find dedicated Dynamo services for many other platforms. Like you can choose Austrialian Channels, or SVT Player. UnoTElly Dynamo is an instant way to unlocking many region based channels with ease. UnoTelly is an extremely easy to use service with a supportive customer care team. They offer you 24×7 supports if you are facing any issue with the streaming stuff. Being a web based platform the usage is extended here. Because it is not limited to any kind of software which you have to install. You just get the IP and you have to update that.

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