5 Technologies That Will Innovate Online Gambling In 2024

Thanks to the constant rise of modern technology, as well as the world’s adjustment to functioning during the global pandemic, various industries have decided to take advantage of the situation and to adapt, using all the available tools to improve their services and make them more appealing, more approachable, more secure and more fun! One of the industries that have experienced an expansion of their popularity, increased the time spent on their websites, as well as brought many innovations, is the online gambling industry. However, the changes never stop! It’s important to mention that software developers are updating their technology on a daily basis, to make sure that they create the best gaming experience for every player or gambler. It is a technological rollercoaster!

Next-generation technologies paired with the online casino industry, have resulted in great evolution of the already popular games, such as blackjack, slot machine games, poker and so on, making them easier and convenient for an average player and moreover for the experienced one.

From the comfort of your home, you can now indulge in all the available games, using their welcome bonuses, and being able to choose between a variety of options. But that is not something revolutionary anymore, it has become our reality. If this is normal, what are the new trends we will experience soon or we are already experiencing?

1. Al-Powered Augmented Reality

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We all know that technologies like augmented reality fueled by artificial intelligence are changing the digital world behind the screens into the three flowing, multisensory 3D world. Besides that,  artificial intelligence analyses the behaviour of the players, extracting insights and patterns from a huge set of data and making predictions based on that information. That is how pages are being customized for players in terms of their preferences and game selection, with the right suggestions which then helps users save their time. This software can also track cheating users, detecting all kinds of frauds, as well as detecting gambling addiction through patterns their players are forming through the usage of online casino services.

2. Virtual Reality

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Unimaginable a decade ago, virtual reality reaches every country around the planet, bringing realistic experiences and a high percentage engagement to the players. Everyone is demanding for virtual reality especially amongst players who want to experience the same intense feelings as in the real casinos, when betting and gambling. A lot of games are being made to integrate with the software connected to virtual reality headsets and it’s a great alternative for players who don’t want to or who can’t directly go to casinos.

Virtual reality, as well as augmented reality, is also making online gambling more interactive than before! The process consists of logging into a selected game on a previously selected online casino website and then playing slots online with wearable capabilities. Video game graphics, real-life interactions and superimpose images onto objects in the real world are what attracts people to use it, not to mention the sound effects!

3. Blockchain Tech

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Along with the other elements of the gambling evolution, a certain improvement needed to happen, when it comes to security in transactions. This industry relies on trust between them and their customers, so when a player is making a payment he needs to be sure that the gaming site is verified and that his personal information will be kept away from hackers. On the other hand, information about transactions are being stored in a public smart contract and transparent so no one is able to manipulate data. What using cryptocurrencies allow is to gamble anonymously without making an account, while at the same time enabling players to trust online casinos and spend their money on legally safe websites.

An emerging trend among online casinos is the offer of a bitcoin bonus to incentivize players to make deposits using Bitcoin. This type of bonus not only promotes the use of cryptocurrency in the gambling industry but also adds an extra layer of excitement for players. As more players become familiar with the advantages of cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, these bonuses will likely become more widespread.

You can use several types of cryptocurrencies to deposit or withdraw money but definitely one of the most popular and comprehensive is Bitcoin, which is acceptable, transparent and some of the casinos all over the world are already accepting it for money transactions. We can expect in the future, that all online casino sites and apps will be able to use cryptocurrency as their primary method of payment.

4. Expansion Of Smart Devices

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Nowadays, it has become so easy to track and measure your heart rate, blood pressure, steps you’ve made through the day, quality of your sleep, even brain waves! You can send and receive messages and emails using your smartwatches, as well as searching the internet using your voice, tracking your location, use several apps. Why wouldn’t be possible to add online gambling to this list? Well, the future brings online gambling on the go, since the wearable market has enormously grown! Fitness trackers and smartwatches became extremely popular amongst the world’s population, and some casinos already began to work on app development inside the watch technology.

What is convenient about this is that it provides even easier access to casino games than mobile phones. Just imagine rolling the dice when you’re on a meeting! It would be a cool gadget for your everyday life offering exciting games to play, while high portable, anonymous, and entertaining. It’s actual access to a whole new world, right on your wrist. The first smartwatch for online casino slot games has already been invented in 2017, and what future brings is certainly a more versatile selection of games and available casinos that have joined and started to use this technology.

5. Is Telegram App Just For Messages?

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Believe it or not but there are a couple of casinos who have made Telegram gambling bots for the Telegram audience community! They can use a code to create apps that are Telegram like and can be used its platform free of charge. This app has probably been chosen because it went further than all the others when it comes to the protection of its user’s data and shared information. It is end-to-end encrypted for all the actions inside of it so it’s easily become a popular platform for many gamers and others who may take advantage of this. Since this is a huge community it will come more popular in the future!

Everything that seemed impossible has easily become an integral part of our lives. Just imagine if someone had told you’d be able to have invisible money and to gamble on your phone! Modern technologies bring more convenience to our lives and the only thing we should do is relax and enjoy!


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