Trouser Styles Men Should Not Miss

There are so many attires in the present time that you cannot be disappointed with anything. You can be sure that you get the clothes that complement your looks and enhances your personality. Being man, you can no longer say that you do not have options in clothes.

Once you check out the options like nnnow by Arvind fashion, you would be convinced that you have the world of clothes around you. It is not just about one type, color, or size; it is about your preference and specifications. For example, how many types of trousers do you own? Well, in this post, you would get to know about some styles of trousers that every man must have in his wardrobe.

Corduroy trousers

Corduroy is a textile that is made up of woven, twisted cotton or wool, ending up in parallel lines (known as ‘wales’). You know, wool corduroy is the most durable sort and wears specifically well. So, as well as giving a bit of phony intelligence, cord trousers are going to withstand a fair bit of rough and flip. Opposing to its sometimes-airless connotations, corduroy is excellent once dressed down and worn casually. Try pairing dark corduroy trousers with a sweatshirt and type of practical leather to look cool.

It is a stripy type of fabric also does a brilliant job of adding a pinch of personality to more formal attire. A slim-cut corduroy trouser will make an excellent companion for a light-scale roll neck and monk-strap shoes for party season. You can literally wear this trouser in any way you like and it would look nice.

Source: Stuarts London

Twill chinos

A wonderful piece of workwear puts in a shift in case you want to proclaim your old-school masculine identifications. In chinos, quality craftsmanship blends with dependability and chic in a perfect manner.  It is cut from heavyweight cotton, woven to make a surface encompassing diagonal parallel edge. It is a conventional material that, in case invested in, is going to give brilliant cost-per-wear calculations. You would find a hearty feel in this type of trouser.

Cotton trousers

Then there comes the cotton trousers and you can relate to them well. There won’t be any person who does not have at least one trouser made up of cotton. These cotton trousers are perfect for summers and the seasons when there is humidity. You can find a feel of breathability in these trousers. While you sleep in them, wear them for a jog, go to supermarket wearing them or anything else; you can be sure that you have the preferred cotton trouser. Whether you get a front slim trouser, cotton printed trousers or any other type; you would have a good experience.

Source: Massimo Dutti

Linen trousers

Designers have done a lot of hard work on linen to keep it in the race of trendy trousers. While people had a mindset that linen is going to make the skin very sweaty and sticky; that is not right anymore. Designers have given touch up to the linen trousers that would not fail to win your heart. The creases, cuts, and designs; you will love them.

Things to Consider for a Right Pick

There are different factors that can make or mar your purchase. Once you keep the following things in mind, you can be sure that you pick the right trouser.

The Right Fit is Right

You know, fit is critical because however well made the trousers are in case, they fail to fit you would never wear them. It would be good if you look inside the trousers to witness how the seams are formed up. In case the seams are not flat then the outside seams do not stay properly and check to see if there is adequate inset to let them out later. You may also consider if you need those short pockets and polyester pockets or not. When you have the choice to choose, you should make the right one.

Source: Scotch & Soda

Always Look for half-lined trousers

Remember that Navy wool trousers always turn out to be useful, but you need to be certain that these are half lined, or they might itch over the thighs in case you get warm when dancing. The perfect trouser is slim cut having a normal waist and narrow foot; it is eternal and always works.

Fabrics Matter

Once you are investing in trousers, make sure that you do not miss out on the fabrics. There are some fabrics that you can avoid. Hopsack, as an example, is a fabric that might always lose shape, and the same will apply to cashmere. In case the mix is over a certain amount (20%), then the trousers might not last very long. So, it gets crucial that you pick a trouser fabric that is smooth, durable, and good.

Say No to Skinny Trousers with Suits

Indeed, you must avoid skinny trousers with your suit.  If you wear such a thing, you will look as if you belong on the Apprentice. And steer that is clear of manmade fibers and white… light cream is OK. Even more to this, you could never have sufficient pairs of grey trousers.  Now, remember flannel in winter and plainweave in summer can be a good pick for you. Hence, you can be sure that you keep the skinny thing in mind.

Source: Thread

The Centre Path

The waist is another crucial part of your fit. If you find yourself struggling to fasten the trouser button, you must try on bigger size. Don’t accept that you can cover it up with a belt. In care the waste is too tight, you might be sure the rest of the trouser is going to be tight, too. On the other hand, if your waist is loose, you risk appearing clumsy and of course, there will be no impression of a fit at all. Hence, while you are keeping all the other aspects in mind, make sure that you do not leave behind waste.


So, if any of these trousers is missing from your wardrobe, you should get it right away.

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