Oppo N1 Mini Review

Oppo is one of the finest companies who keep on experimenting on its smartphone with innovative and unique hardware. Oppo is sailing in the market from past few years and over the year Oppo has found its way of success by introducing good smartphones with amazing hardware specs and features. Back this year Oppo introduced its high-end smartphone in the market named Oppo N1 and this smartphone proved to be the innovative smartphone of the year. Oppo’s N1 was given with rotating camera to capture image easily and same camera worked for both front and rear camera. We can say it was smart work done by Oppo to reduce hardware by initiating with rotating camera in its flagship.

Oppo is all set to launch mini version of its currently running flagship which is going to be priced lower than Oppo N1 but will possess same rotating camera feature in it. Oppo N1 mini version will be soon launched in the market and all we are going to review it and find out the merits and demerits associated in this smartphone. Whether this phone will be proved as good smartphone for mid-range segment or it will just be an average smartphone.

Oppo N1 Mini Review

Design and Packaging:

Mini version of N1 is little smaller compare to its parent version, new Oppo has display size of 5-inch compare to 5.9-inch of N1. Body design of mini N1 too has premium looks and solid feel because of chamfered edges and aluminum frame. Compare to normal 5-inch phone mini N1 is little taller measuring 148.4mm. Body of new smartphone from Oppo has firm grip on hands and is available in different colors. All the variant of mini N1 is graceful in design with good curved body in bottom shelf and has solid plastic body on the back.

Front of the smartphone is amazingly carved with good color combination of body and display bezel. 5-inch display on the centre and has good bezel space around side of display is good sign and below the screen has given with three capacitive touch buttons of menu, back and home button. Most of the smartphone comes with all these three keys included in the display but Oppo has provided it separately. Above the display we have earpiece and sensors (proximity and ambient light sensors) on rotating panel which can be rotated to make use of front camera along with flash. Back panel of the smartphone is given with plane body design with same rotating panel, if kept in normal alignment it has rear camera and flash on back.

Centre of the back is kept for Oppo branding and above the branding secondary microphone is been installed to capture crisp clear audio while shooting HD videos. Bottom of the back is kept blank which looks simple and captivating. Sides of the phone have two silver linings and left side of the phone is given by Power button whereas micro SIM card slot and Volume rocker buttons on the right side of the smartphone. To remove micro SIM Oppo has given by Oppo SIM removable tool to reduce efforts while removing SIM. Bottom of the phone is given with grilled loudspeaker, 3.5mm audio jack, microUSB card slot and primary microphone. Top of the phone is kept vacant as it has rotating panel. Design section of Oppo mini N1 is simple and captivating which grabs attention quickly.

Oppo N1 Mini Design

Display / Screen:

Mini N1 is boasting its display with 5-inch display with resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels and 294 ppi pixel density. Display features have been reduced enormously by Oppo compare to its N1 version. IPS technology is been used to enhance the display properties of the smartphone, IPS technology outputs sharp display with good viewing angle and accurate color reproduction. Brightness of the display is good and allows you to view the contents easily on the display even if you are under bright sunlight. Viewing angles does not disappoint because watching movies from different angle did not resulted in color washout. All the features included in display section are just up to the mark.

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