9 Surefire Ways to Encourage Better Employee Health

Work and office spaces can cause a lot of stress. There is nothing worse than having demotivated and sick employees. It doesn’t promote positivity or a healthy environment in the workplace. Encouraging people to have healthy habits can improve their wellbeing tremendously. Employees are the cornerstones and the foundation of your company, and as a leader, you must do all you can to protect your workforce. Keeping employees safe, happy, and healthy is great for business. Read on to learn the nine effective ways to promote better health habits for your staff.

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1. Tackle Mental Health

Mental health problems can be the bane of any company. It’s common to have employees who suffer from mental health issues at work, and it can negatively impact the working environment. Investing in care management programs can help your employees cope with mental health and recover from it. Looking after your staff’s mental wellbeing is the true hallmark of an excellent leader. Support them and allow them to talk freely with you. Venting about mental issues can be healthy. It will genuinely improve their mental health over time.

2. Ergonomic Chairs

Changing your office furniture and having ergonomic chairs can be effective. It can improve the physical health and comfort of staff. Office recliners or balance ball chairs can be excellent choices for better health. The advice of the chair enthusiasts from ChairInstitute.com suggests that being active while sitting down is effective to prevent physical health problems. Encouraging your staff to sit on chairs that keep them active and moving is good for their bodies. Balance ball chairs are great for exercising and moving while working. They keep the core muscles strong and minimize lumbar and spine pain. Employees can focus better on tasks and feel a lot healthier with ergonomic chairs.

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3. Taking Breaks

Every office should have regular breaks for employees. Burnout and exhaustion aren’t good for anyone’s health in the workplace. If people take more frequent work breaks, their brains will function better, and their bodies will recharge. This encourages better health because staff members will feel refreshed and come back with more focus. Taking time to get their blood pumping and muscles moving by doing some stretches or going for a short walk can do wonders for productivity. It can decrease strain and frustration and minimize stress, anxiety, depression, body aches, and other health problems.

4. More Water Dispensers

Adding more water dispensers to your office is smart. Rehydrating can promote a healthy lifestyle and brings numerous benefits. Water can reduce migraines and headaches, improve productivity and performance, and it helps reduce the risk of kidney stones or other bladder infections. Giving your workforce several water dispensers can encourage them to drink more water. Increased water consumption can improve mood and memory too. Make sure each dispenser is properly maintained and filled. Having enough disposable cups for your workforce will prevent anyone from missing out on a nice cup of cold water.

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5. Proper Office Desks

Having proper office desks can improve health levels significantly. Purchase desks that have adjustable height settings to give everyone more control and allow for adjustments to the height and position of the desk depending on size, shape, and preferred sitting position. This promotes better posture and minimal neck or back strains. Improving employee wellbeing can be simple and efficient if you get the right type of desk. Show every employee how to change the settings and adjust the desk accordingly to fit their needs. High comfort levels mean no body aches, minimized pain levels, and improved the health and happiness of every staff member.

6. Better Healthcare and Dental Packages

Giving your staff better healthcare and dental packages can improve their wellbeing significantly. If any employee has problems affording healthcare, you can support them with a package that the company pays for. Healthcare coverage decreases the number of sick leaves you get annually, increasing productivity and profits over time. The wellbeing of your staff is vital. Business owners should always encourage their employees to use company perks and get better healthcare or dental coverage.

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7. Promote Healthy Eating

A company that promotes healthy eating is one that looks out for its employees. Ordering takeout and junk food is the norm in offices and businesses worldwide. Changing this lifestyle can improve health levels significantly. Your common break area should have a pantry and fridge full of healthy food and snacks. It can encourage employees to bring their homemade lunches from home as well. Investing in a juicer and sandwich press can be an excellent idea to promote healthy eating. It minimizes the chances of people drinking sugary soft drinks or eating greasy takeout sandwiches. Junk food is known to have high levels of sodium. This isn’t healthy at all, especially in large doses.

8. Hire Yoga and Aerobics Instructors

Hiring yoga and aerobics instructors is an effective way to promote physical activity in the workplace. Having a designated hour during the day for a healthy workout session is good for every worker, manager, supervisor, and even the CEO. Not only is it good for promoting a positive environment in the workplace, but it also keeps everyone healthy and satisfied. Installing shower stalls in company bathrooms will encourage people to participate.

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9. Natural Lighting

Filling your office with natural lighting has excellent health benefits. Natural lighting and enough sunlight will increase vitamin D levels in every staff member, which decreases weariness. Energy levels can skyrocket, and that increases productivity. Natural lighting will improve sleeping patterns at night too, and that helps employees to come back energized and focused the next day. Consider having an open office design instead of cubicles. Undoubtedly, exposure to enough natural lighting and frequent sunlight will improve the health, comfort, and happiness of your workforce.

Physical and mental health problems amongst staff aren’t something to ignore. It’s every leader’s responsibility to look after their employees. Making sure everyone is safe, happy, and healthy means a lot to the business. Net profits will increase with healthy staff members. Productivity levels will skyrocket when they feel comfortable and happy. For the good of your company, you should utilize and implement these tips in your workplace to ensure better employee health.

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