9 Expert-Approved Morning Habits to Start the Day Right

It’s hard not to agree that the morning routine is important. Indeed, the way you spend the morning can often define the rest of your day. They say life is an endless string of habits, and the good news is, your morning practices can be improved.

If you’re one of those who usually struggle to get out of bed or so grumpy that other people prefer to stay out of their way, it’s time to say goodbye to bad habits and begin cultivating good and healthy ones. Here you have it: 9 expert-approved morning habits to start the day right.

1. Wake Up Early

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Early to bed, early to rise. Of course, you’ve heard this timeless catchphrase thousands of times, but have you ever tried to put it to the test? It really works! Wittiness aside, early risers do reap an array of benefits, the most significant of them is that getting out of the bed just an hour earlier makes space for the other eight good habits.

In short, when you wake up early, you have enough time to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of a well-organized morning without rushing to get ready and all that chaotic stuff. Try it, and you will be surprised by how an extra hour of being awake in the morning can set your day for success.

2. Make The Bed

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As incredible as it may seem, making your bed every morning can give you not only a tidier bedroom but also a small sense of pride caused by accomplishing the first task of the day. The majority of big things start with little ones, and such a simple step as making your bed can become a real game-changer. You will feel happier and more self-content, and if anything, should your day turn wretched, your perfectly made bed will give you strength and hope for a better tomorrow.

3. Brush Your Teeth

Source: Cirocco Dental Center

Even though, as children, many people were taught to brush their teeth after breakfast, doing it as soon as you wake up is much healthier. An unpleasant film of bacteria-builds formed during the night won’t let you have fresh breath, and the latter is a big part of the great start of the day. Oral hygiene specialists also recommend scraping your tongue as its back is another place for accumulating plague. Plus, scraping your tongue strengthens immunity and contributes to the health of teeth and gums.

4. Drink A Glass Of Water

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After thoroughly brushing your teeth and scraping your tongue, you deserve a big glass of water – you haven’t drunk for the whole night, no wonder you are thirsty! To make the most of your morning glass, squeeze in half of the lemon (it could be less or more to your taste) to alkalize your body, give it lots of Vitamin C, and help your skin look younger and prettier.

5. Brew Up Coffee

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Fascinating in many ways, coffee is the only natural way to start the day for millions of people across the globe. The majority of us can’t imagine their mornings without a steaming cup filled with a delicate aroma and rich flavor that makes us feel happy and alert in no time.

Well, freshly roasted coffee is key; hence if you plan to seize the day and crush your goals, make sure you know exactly which kind of roast you want for your coffee and get a quality product. According to expert roasters from TwistedGoastCoffee.com, medium and dark are the most well-familiar to people types, but in fact, there are many degrees of what can fit into these two groups. While classic espresso starts with dark roasts, the lighter and medium counterparts are just great in the case you use a pour-over or drip coffee maker. By the way, blonde roast does exist, offering hints of chocolate, toffee, and current.

6. Ditch Your Smartphone

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According to numerous studies, at least 30% of people do not miss the opportunity to check their smartphone within the first 5 minutes after waking up. Small screens are an inseparable part of our life, but the worst thing you can do is to grab your mobile device as soon as you open your eyes in the morning. Break that routine because it significantly increases the stress level.

7. Get Moving

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Morning is the best time for workouts as doing them on an empty stomach; you burn up to 20% more fat. Don’t skip this amazing possibility to boost your metabolism and kickstart your positive path – chances are you will opt for healthy choices for the rest of the day.

8. Have Breakfast

Source: Star Tribune

Nowadays, too many people skip breakfast, which is still the most important meal of the day. When you do not have time to have it at home, all chances are you will end up chewing a doughnut or sandwich on the way to the office. As you have probably already guessed, it is not only about unhealthy food – if you start your day that way, it will likely be as chaotic and unpredictable as your morning.

To start your day the right way, set aside just 15 minutes to enjoy a nutritious breakfast able to give you energy and peace of mind. Make sure to see the natural products rich in protein on your plate and avoid processed food at any cost. Eating a healthy meal in the morning will help your body maintain a stable glucose response during the whole day, meaning you won’t be attracted by packed with sugar snacks.

9. Schedule Your Day

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When you wake up early, you have plenty of time to schedule your day and set your goals. You can choose to create your to-do list while enjoying your coffee or make a plan during breakfast; the point is you do not need to rush for things – could you think of a better way to start your day?

Not everyone is a morning person, but by incorporating these nine simple yet powerful habits into the morning routine, each of us can start the new day right and face all the challenges it brings. If you’re not ready to adopt all nine at once, try them one by one, and you’ll see that changing your habits is worth a shot!

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