Do You Know the Difference Between Digital Marketing and Advertising?

In today’s scenario of the digital world, marketing is essential. In the market, every business & brand wants to achieve success by efficiently giving the right message to the right customers. Thus, digital marketing and advertising are a must if you’re going to make your business/brand name in the digital market.

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Marketing and Advertising are interrelated in many ways. But, there is a thin line of difference between them. To understand it, have a read below

Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising is also known as online advertising, web advertising, or internet advertising. It is a kind of marketing and advertising in which businesses and brands deliver their promotional advertisements and messages to the target audience through internet technologies.

In simple words, it is an advertisement on the internet. The ads that are visible in search results are also a kind of digital advertising. Promotion of products, services, business, or creating brand awareness means you are engaging in digital advertising.

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There are three types of digital advertising:

  • Pay Per Click search ads popularly known as PPC (AdWords search ads, Bing ads, and Search7 ads) – The ads you see in the search results.
  • Display ads (banner, static, video, mobile, pop-up, etc.) – Any e-commerce website promotes its product in the form of a banner, video, etc.
  • Social ads (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)- A suggested post on any social media platform is a social ad.

Digital Marketing: Digital marketing is the online promotion of business and brands using the internet and digital platforms like social media, blog posts, websites, search engines, and logos.

There are six types of Digital Marketing:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Email and Mobile Marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)

It is not wrong to say that Digital advertising is part of Digital marketing.

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Differences between digital advertising and digital marketing

Digital advertising is an integral part of digital marketing: The definitions have already made this clear that digital advertising is an aspect of digital marketing. To do marketing in the digital world, firstly one needs a business or brand idea. When you share your opinion with an expert in the digital world, you get involved in marketing, not advertising.

A good marketing strategy involves business/brand idea creation, packaging, pricing, finding the right customer & target audience and determining marketing segments.

Digital advertising comes into play when the promotion of business/brand/service is done through the internet or to generate traffic. It’s not required to use digital advertising at the promotion step to reach the target audience. A business can run without digital advertising but not digital marketing. All marketing methods aim to generate leads and traffic. One can choose between SEO or PPC or whatever one thinks will help grow the business/brand.

Process and Activity: Digital marketing is a process, while digital advertising is an activity. The digital marketing process is continuous.  It starts from the market research phase and passes all the stages to create a new, impactful, and result-oriented marketing strategy. Doing anything online or sharing comes under business/ brand digital marketing process and strategy.

Procedure:  Advertising is an activity in the digital marketing process. The purpose of digital advertising is the promotion of the content, product, blog, website, app, and brand to get reach and traffic.

To execute the proper promotion, a digital advertiser needs input from a digital marketer.


Digital advertising promotes business/brand/product/service, while digital marketing helps develop a brand image.

Digital Advertising aims to promote the business/brand/product/service, attract the target audience’s attention, and generate sales. An excellent promotional ad engages the target audience, generates traffic & leads, and builds brand awareness.

In simple words, Advertising is a

  • Paid form
  • Non-personal communication
  • Related to products and ideas
  • Done through social media
  • To attract attention or influence the mind of the target audience

Digital Marketing’s purpose is to develop the business/brand/product image in the market. The idea is a planned and effective strategy. From logo, design, content to taglines everything is developed by keeping in mind the target audience.

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Digital Advertising is sales-driven while Digital Marketing is not always sales-driven

Digital advertising focuses on a specific part of the target audience that can communicate via ads. The goal is that the ad must perform well & reach out to maximum people.

In Digital marketing, it is not always about sales. The objective is to increase the ROI, sales, and revenue and structure a relationship with the target audience.

Digital advertising is tactical, while digital marketing is strategic. Let’s first understand the difference between a tactic and a strategy. A strategy is a long-term plan which includes making decisions at several levels. On the other hand, a tactic is a short-term plan, or in simple words, it is to get the desired result.

Digital advertising is tactical. The promotion of a business/brand/product for a target audience for a short time. For example, – To increase your sales during the New year, you run an ad on Instagram to promote a product/brand. When you reach your goal, you can now stop the ad or shift to another ad campaign.

Digital Marketing is all about the strategy that includes long-term planning, goals, objectives, projections, budget, resources to achieve the desired results.

Digital Advertising can show results instantly while Digital Marketing takes time in replicating the results. A digital advertising campaign, if it fails, will not affect a business/brand/product, but if a digital marketing strategy fails, it will immensely affect the business/brand.

Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing are not the same but related terms. Both play an individual and unique role. Digital Advertising cannot exist without Digital Marketing and vice versa.

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