nVidia GeForce GTX 980 Review


The Nvidia GTX 980 is the best graphic card out that performs so well on the medium settings when compared to any other graphic card out there. Giving the right build quality the GTX 980 card looks decent with the similar older design of 700 series cards.

The cooling mechanism have not changed but due to the newer architecture the cooling performance have been increased as there are less number of transistors, Less Cuda Cores, improved partitions and reorganized chipset has made the new Maxwell architecture to outperform the overpriced graphic cards.

The memory interface is still 256 bit with the GDDR5 bandwidth that enhances the transfer rate when compared to the older gen cards. The GTX 980 performs well on the price we pay, gives you better power efficiency and also improves the temps due to the power efficiency.

Coming now on the price, the Nvidia GTX 980 has a price of $600 and gives you what you pay for. The performance is great when compared to the higher paid graphic card or the 700 series the overall performance is better.

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