Wagering of Casino Bonuses

Online casinos attract newcomers and retain loyal customers with tempting promotions and offers. Operators offer users bonuses for registration and account replenishment, awards for participating in tournaments and lotteries. However, after being credited to the account, these funds usually require wagering. So that, the client can take advantage of the special offer with the maximum benefit. However, players should understand in advance how to wager the bonus in the casino. All members of Spy-Casino have access to all this important information and can use it while playing.

Registration at online casinos can become quite an event, especially if it is accompanied by lucrative welcome bonuses. “To play for free with the prospect of real money win” sounds perfect, doesn’t it? However, it doesn’t matter how tempting these offers are, it is important to remember that their goal is to attract customers, and that establishments aren’t intended to concede their real money. In this article, we will explain how to manage your bonus amount properly.

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No deposit bonuses

Provides its users with useful tips and relevant information about gambling world. There are many articles about no deposit bonuses and profitable deals. So, you’d better to start your acquaintance with the most profitable type of bonuses, namely no deposit offers. The difference of a no deposit bonus from a deposit bonus is that it does not require a player to make a preliminary deposit to play using bonus credits. For the most part, the size of such bonuses is relatively small ($5-35), and compliance with the rules and conditions is mandatory, and any attempts to cheat (for example, to create several accounts) are punished severely. The second format of the no deposit bonus is free spins on a specific slot which are issued for registration at the online casino.

How to wager a casino bonus

Despite the fact that the use of bonuses does not require making a deposit, withdrawals can sometimes become available only after depositing. Another condition may be the wagering of the deposit and the winning amount. It is not necessary to win when wagering, but the total amount of bets must be made. There are several ways to wager the bonuses.

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Ways to wager the bonus

Here are some methods to wager your casino bonus:

  • Games with little variance
  • Correct size bet (be sure to check the size of the wager and max bet).

The choice of the casino also plays an important role in the success of this procedure. Bonuses are changed o updated regularly.

Remember that you should always study carefully the terms of the no deposit bonus and check their relevance.

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And finally, here are some tips on how to wager a no deposit casino bonus:

  • It would be better to wager the bonus gradually, up to several days;
  • The best way to find out about new free bonuses and other similar offers quickly is to read specialized sites, forums, channels. It is also very useful to read reviews of other users;
  • Study carefully the bonus rules and conditions;
  • Avoid high stakes while playing.

Thus, we can see that no deposit bonus or free offers have strong potential, if you treat them correctly. We hope that this article would be informative and useful for you in practice. Follow the rules, remember to stay tuned and just have a good time.

However, you should always be careful and choose only reliable sites, as nowadays there are many blacklisted online establishments, illegal gambling platforms with attractive but unfair offers. The site is an informational portal containing all necessary information about the gambling world, so in order to be aware how not to be cheated by an online casino, visiting this site will be a very good decision.

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We all love to relax and enjoy our favorite game. And if we are followed by the prospect of making real money, then the excitement even doubles. Unfortunately, sometimes things are not so rose-coloured, especially when we are faced with scammers. Fortunately, in the online casino industry, most of them are fairly well-known. We’ll tell you what the blacklist of an online casino is.

Frequent violations

The blacklist includes casinos accused of violating the rules, as well as those operating without an official license issued by one of the independent regulators. The lack of a license actually allows such establishments to rob freely unsuspecting players in various ways. Gambling, for the most part, is linked inextricably with emotional decisions, and so-called black casinos get advantage of this. In this regard, sometimes it is difficult to prove their guilt. But what is the danger of blacklisted casino sites for a client?

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How online casinos cheat

Most often, blacklisted casinos counterfeit the official software of legal providers or even licenses (however, an experienced player will notice such a forgery). As for the direct deception of visitors, one of the most common practices of blacklisted casinos is premeditated delaying of payments or even refusing them, which is a gross violation of the rules. Also, such casinos may postpone or even not introduce the verification of the gaming account in order to wait for the winning visitor to spend all his winnings back. It should also be mentioned that unlicensed establishments have no obligation to be responsible for the honesty of the random number generator which fades the player’s chances of successful wagering away.


Of course, the activities of blacklisted casinos do not go unnoticed. It entails a lot of resentment and claims from deceived people. Actually, suspicious casinos aren’t difficult to be revealed based on the huge number of negative reviews from discontented players. Of course, reviews are always subjective and there may be unfounded claims to the casino or even personal enmity due to a loss, but most of the reviews are objective comments that will help to avoid many problems if you give them some consideration. Among them, you will often find the aforementioned prolonged payouts, unlicensed software, evasion from obligations, and even cases of money theft from player accounts! There are always fresh and objective reviews of online casinos there.

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List of black casinos

Giving the constant appearance of scammers represent oneself as legal establishments on the market, the blacklist of online casinos is constantly growing. It should be noted that adding a casino to the blacklist does not guarantee the complete cessation of its activities, but a significant percentage of such casinos ultimately experience problems with the influx of new deposits. To avoid any problems with this, we recommend visiting website to keep abreast of the latest industry news, casino complaints and fresh bonuses. With the help of website, you will be aware of all the latest changes in the market and never get into a bad situation.

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