What You Can Learn From Companies That Have Used OKRs

Goal setting is extremely important in many aspects of your life. When setting goals, you are creating tangible objectives that can be accomplished within a set time frame. By remaining organized in your daily life, you can quickly achieve this pre-set goal by following step-by-step processes and keeping the endgame in mind.

In business, it is no different – goal setting is one of the most imperative steps in leading your company towards success. If employees find their manager and executive-level staff do not communicate their expectations with the rest of the business, this can lead to trust and work delegation issues.

To best organize your team and get everyone on the same page to achieve a predetermined goal, management needs to utilize OKRs – Objectives and Key Results – to manage the company, delegate work, categorize information, and create individual and team goals.

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8 Best OKR Software of 2024

Corporations need to compare, evaluate, and analyze the best OKR software and other additional OKR tools they can use to help their company quickly achieve their strategies, objectives, goals, and processes to increase productivity. The OKR framework and process aids in the process of companies defining their overall objectives, tracking their everyday progress across all teams, and analyzing the results.

OKR software is a tool used for developing this OKR strategy and objectives that connect the team at an individual level and align the various teams as a whole throughout the company. Results software can formulate this strategy, helping track and analyze the objectives involved with the corporation’s OKRs.

1. Profit.co – Best for User-Friendly Set-up

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Is a great choice for those who need help with tracking strategies, managing tasks, monitoring employee engagement, and predicting employee development.

  • Users of Proift.co can take their 1-5 strategic initiatives and create a prioritized list based on importance. Sites like this let you plan OKRs at the beginning of a quarter to promote high levels of engagement throughout the year.
  • The negatives of using include the lack of language support, overwhelming features for beginners, and only 30 integrations.

2. Koan – Best for Startups

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Koan provides OKR tools that combine metrics with insights to help spur your company towards outcomes.

  • Sites like this are low-priced and feature a long trial period to make sure this is really what you are looking for and make them a great choice for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses looking to reduce costs.
  • The only negatives of using this OKR are the Enterprise goal management feature is no way to recreate an existing OKR entry.

3. Weekdone – Best for unlimited OKR coaching

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Weekdone is specifically designed for OKR best practices, coaching, and creating weekly progress reports.

  • Sites like this help users keep their team engaged with the team OKRs and company objectives by aligning their Team OKRs with the company objectives. This software is good for small and medium-sized companies, contains unlimited OKR coaching, and has a clear navigation process.
  • The negatives of sites like this are the lack of features for large companies, long set-up time, and lack of performance management features.

4. Kazoo – Best for Peer Feedback

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Kazoo is designed to highlight the performance of the best performing team members, offering recognition and feedback systems in the day-to-day workflow and communication.

  • The positives of sites like this are the engaging activity feed, ability to create a custom rewards catalog for employee incentives, gamification of challenges, and production of Employee Net Promoter Scores surveys.
  • The negatives of sites like this is the lack of customization abilities on the reports and the text-heavy nature of the OKR software.

5. Timely – Best for Time Tracking

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This OKR software is a good choice for those who want to focus on team time tracking, individual time management, hours spent on a project, and real-time KPI tracking.

  • Sites like this are intuitive, ways to figure out, and provide immediately available documentation for users to digest in the form of a blog, podcast, API docs, or social media channels. This software is also compatible with smartphones, features a great memory function for any missed data, and has crystal-clear scheduling views.
  • The negatives of sites like this are the heavy focus on time tracking and the limited integration capabilities.

6. PeopleGoal – Best for HR Departments

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PeopleGoal is an employee performance software platform that features a balanced scorecard process to set goals and a customizable system for employee feedback forms.

  • Sites like this boast flexibility, offering various choices for tracking company goals, different overview levels, customizable department goals, and the ability to edit review drafts.
  • The cons of using this OKR software are limited integrations and no mobile app available.

7. Heartspace – Best for Individual Goal Setting

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This modern HR system uses an OKR-based approach to create ambitious goals and determine your individual objectives to reach the company’s overarching end game.

  • Sites like this focus on using automatic reminders, templates, and evolutions to make it easy for team and leader communication. In addition, Hearpace is a good choice for scheduling online meetings, providing automatic reminders, creating free templates for surveys, and producing a salary pay gap analysis for employers to evaluate.
  • The cons of using this system involve only having two plan tiers and having to pay extra money for the API, DSM, profiles, and document management features.

8. Engagedly – Best for Cloud Software

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Engagedly efficiently organizes the company/s goals and motivates their workforce with measurable tools to provide feedback on performance.

  • Sites like this feature a colorful and user-friendly interface that improves the organization, modernization, and compartmentalization of tasks and features on the software site.
  • The only con of using Engagedly is there is no way to generate reports on blocked users.


OKR software is an important tool businesses can use to organize their company’s goals, communicate with various employees, and track the performance of team members. By visiting sites like this in the aforementioned section, you can utilize the benefits of OKR software to improve your company’s efficiency.

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