5 Tips for Picking the Perfect Venue for Your Next Special Event

Everyone who organized at least one event knows just how troublesome that can be, is familiar with all the things one needs to consider and take into count, meaning that organizing and achieving all that is far from an easy thing to do. That said, in life, one can organize many events, and even a birthday party can be considered as some major event, depending on perspective and, of course, how many people are attending, but there are only a few events in our life that really matters and that truly are special.

A wedding ceremony or a gala cocktail party for some occasion that is important to you are just some of the examples of those special ceremonies, but no matter the occasion, they all have one thing in common, and yes, we are talking about the venue. Namely, choosing the ideal place for some special event is one of the most crucial decisions you will need to make and to do so, some research and time are not only needed but a must. Going with some venue that doesn’t have enough space for all the guests, or picking one without checking if there are enough staff or does it have catering service or not, can be a determining factor on whether the event will be successful and whether guests will feel comfortable and satisfied.

All this is a reason why event planners are paid so much, as organizing anything can really be a nightmare if one doesn’t know where and what to look for. The preferable choice is to go with the venue that has it all, a renowned site with experienced staff and good reviews, just like thesaticoyclub.com. But if you want to go find out more about what to look for when planning your next special event, we will further discuss that topic and offer you the top five tips for picking the perfect venue.

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1. It should be easily accessible

Once you start planning some event, you should know more about attendees and make sure that each of them can easily access it. Doing so is especially important if some of them have special needs since you do not want to find yourself in a situation to leave someone in front of the door because there is no access for them. On the other side, it is also good to know if there will be children because that usually means that they will need some special menu adjusted to them, and probably something to keep them entertained so the adults can enjoy too. It is something difficult to know in advance, so if you are organizing an event, learn more about previous ones that your organization hosted, and you will learn more about attendees and their needs. Knowing the attendees is the best way to be sure that each of them will be satisfied and that everyone’s needs will be respected and met, as doing so can also be crucial for your event’s success.

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2. Proximity to transportation and parking lots

One can never know whether the attendees are planning to get to the event by car or some public transportation, so it is necessary to make sure that they can choose the option that suits them the best. That means that the venue should be near public transportation, for those who don’t drive to easily get there and have enough parking lots for the people who plan to get there by car. It may look difficult to find, but luckily most of the venues are located at a perfect location that is easy to access, so that can ease your job for sure.

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3. Accommodation nearby

No matter if you are planning a one-day event or multi-day event, it is always good to have accommodation nearby, especially because of those attendees who are coming from another town. It will be ideal to have different accommodations around to make sure that there is something for everyone, because if there is only some luxury hotel near, maybe some attendees will not have enough money for that. The accommodations should be within walking distance to make things much easier for the guests and make their stay much more pleasant. Besides that, if it is a multi-day event, it should be great to have some tourist attractions nearby to keep the attendees entertained during free time.

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4. Sum up the list up to not more than 3 venues

We already mentioned that there are many things to take into count, but one fact that doesn’t make that choice any less complex is that there are also many venues to choose from. Since that’s the case, one can easily get lost the more search they do, which is why it is essential that you first cover some basics and decide on what you want, and then make the cut and choose no more than three venues. Doing that will be of great help for making the final decision, and the shorter the list, the sooner you can start planning and organizing other things. Simplicity is always preferable, and there really is no point in getting a headache from too much browsing, calling, and visiting venues in person, but in order to make that happen, first, you need to be well aware of precisely what you want. Once again, cover the basics, and everything else will fall into place.

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5. Think about food and drinks

It is hard to imagine an event without any food or drink, and if you are planning one, it is necessary to be sure that the venue has the experience in serving them. Luckily, most of the venues already have their in-house catering, which should make things much easier for you because there is no need to search around for the catering companies that are available that special day. Depending on the event, it can be some snack or a full meal, so it is necessary to set that up with the manager to avoid any inconvenience.

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