How to Play SEGA Genesis Games on Modern Devices?

If you are the 80s or early 90s kid who was into gaming, you must be definitely aware of SEGA Genesis and how fun it was to play. SEGA Genesis, also known as SEGA Mega Drive, is a 16-bit home video game released in 1988. It is one of the most popular and best-selling video game consoles of all time.

During the early 90s, SEGA was the favorite pass time for the kids and pretty famous for the games like Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. However, after several years of success, SEGA discontinued it as many other more advanced gaming consoles arrived in the market to replace it.

For the kids grown up in the 80s and 90s, who are now adults, the SEGA Genesis is not just a video game console. Many of them are still nostalgic about the SEGA Mega Drive even after growing up.

If you want to re-live the SEGA Genesis memories and play its classic games on your modern devices, this post will help you achieve that.

Here are the top ways to play the SEGA Genesis games on your modern gadgets.

Use PC Emulators


Although the original hardware used for playing the SEGA Genesis games is no longer in production, you can still play its games on your PC. Since computers are very popularly used for playing games, the developers have created unique software programs known as Emulators for playing games of other platforms like Android, PS, Xbox, etc., on PC. Because of its humongous popularity in its time, you will find various SEGA Genesis emulators compatible with modern desktops and laptops. You can look for the best SEGA Genesis emulators here. These modern emulators would let you download and install the vintage SEGA games and enjoy them using the traditional controllers, modern controllers, or PC mouse and keyboards.

Use Android Emulators


It is stunning how the new age of technology enables us to do previously unimaginable things. Speaking of which, it is possible to play the Sega Genesis games on your android devices.

Your Android operating system has a powerful chipset to run all the tasks. You can use this processing power to change your phone in a gaming console with appropriate applications. I like the Gensoid emulator for the task.

All you have to do is download the Gensoid emulator on your android device. Then, next is to download the ROM for your favorite game. You can quickly google the game name along with ROM in front of it to find the files. Then, either download the BIN or SMC file directly to your smartphone or transfer them locally from your computer.

Don’t bother if the files are in .zip format. The emulator can play the zip files with ease. Finally, open the emulator on your smartphone and locate the downloaded file by browsing through the app. Once you tap the file, your game will start. Next, tap on the three vertical dots in the corner of the screen to open the menu.

Play Traditional Games on Modern Consoles


If you don’t own a PC or want to play the traditional SEGA games on your modern console, there is a simple direct way to do that. The Sega Genesis Classic Collection is a fantastic collection of popular traditional SEGA games like Super Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, and others. In addition, the collection is compatible with all modern gaming consoles such as Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and others. So if you are a gamer who likes to try the old games on your modern gaming consoles, the SEGA Classic collection is a must-try.

Get the Original SEGA Genesis Console


As already mentioned, SEGA Genesis was pretty popular among kids and teens when it was launched. Though its production is no more continued, it is very much possible that many people have kept the original working console with them as an antic. You might find them on popular reseller sites like eBay. The original SEGA console might also be available on online or offline auction sites. However, since these consoles are very rare, you might have to pay a huge amount to get them. Many modern gamers who may want to add it into their collection would further increase its price.

Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection


For SEGA’s retro games lovers, Sonic has compiled the top SEGA Genesis games in the form of Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis collection. The collection is only available for Xbox 360 and PS users. The gamers can get their hand on every popular game of older times like Mario, ComixZone, and more.

Use all in one Consoles


If you have the old cartridges of the SEGA Genesis console, you can use them on the modern All-in-one Consoles. The manufacturers like Retro-bit and Minigen provide multiple slots for inserting the cartridges of old and modern gaming consoles, including the SEGA Genesis. However, the problem with such all-in-one consoles is their built quality is very poor. There is no guarantee that they will last for long. Sometimes the cartridges of your favorite game might not even work, making your experience bitter.

SEGA Genesis Mini


Finally, if you are still not satisfied with playing the games using emulators and want to bring back the original experience, here’s a treat. Like every other major gaming console developer like Nintendo, Sony, and others, SEGA Genesis also has a mini version of its know by SEGA Genesis Mini. Although it is a tiny and non-versatile version of the original SEGA Genesis, it still has a good collection of old games, which would surely bring back your old memories.

Bottom Line

Modern gadgets like PlayStation, Xbox, PCs provide gamers with thousands of highly advanced multiplayer games. In comparison, the SEGA Genesis games seem nothing. They were the beginning of the era of video games in the 8-bit format. However, to the older people, playing those low-end SEGA games provides a nostalgic experience. If you are one of those, the methods listed in this post will help you re-live those SEGA times.

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