5 Best Multiplayer Competitive Games To Play In 2024

For decades, video games have occupied our monitors, computers, tablets, and even mobile phones. With the advent of new “gaming” consoles and computers, the world of games has become incredibly diverse and popular with all ages. We will present you some of the best multiplayer games in 2024 – which unfortunately left a bitter taste in the whole world due to the coronavirus pandemic – but also connected people through team games that are played online all over the world.

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Popularity Video Games

The gaming industry is evolving at an incredible rate, and popular games are making millions thanks to loyal fans who buy them. However, none of that would have happened if new and revolutionary games had not appeared on the market – which delighted all young gamers. This discipline began to become a social occupation and even a way to earn good money. Therefore, it is not surprising that many solo players have decided to join forces in teamwork and achieve new victories. Many of the multiplayer games have managed to push the boundaries and bring a real revolution in the gaming industry. Some of them have even defined certain gaming genres and created franchises that last for many years.

What’s New In The Multiplayer World?

Judging by what gaming studios and development teams are preparing for us, but also Microsoft and Sony with their PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles – we have a very inventive series in front of us in 2024. In addition to new releases, this year will also be marked by remakes of classics and games, which 10, 20 or even more years ago shaped everything we have in gaming today. With new music trailers, special effects and improved graphics, these releases will add energy, but also keep your attention in front of the screen.

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Do You Need Accessories For New Multiplayer Games?

The list includes all platforms and all systems, including PCs and consoles –  because it is the only way to be fair to all players who play for pleasure or as professionals. It is up to you to choose which system you will follow. That depends on you and your company – so choose what kind of entertainment you want, and accordingly, get such equipment. Still, choose wisely, because everyone will have their exclusives, and it seems that the fight has never been fiercer – and that Xbox is finally waking up from its long-standing dream as far as exclusive titles are concerned. Therefore, it might be desirable to upgrade that equipment with the field. with a joystick or stereo system.

Best Multiplayer Competitive Games

Playing games is a really fun thing to do. We know that some of you outgrow them and don’t like to play them with the same zeal as you used to – but there is always that urge to play when the challenge is present and when good company is together. It is this challenge that is present when the game is played by several or more people (multiplayer). We will tickle your imagination and present some of the most interesting games in 2024 in which you should try yourself with your friends.

1. Escape From Tarkov

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The game starts from leading a highly trained mercenary in the mission of escape from Tarkov – which is the center of a fierce and violent civil war. Supply chains are cut, there is no communication in either direction – and for a good map, you should be lucky, while GPS is just something you can dream of. Also, this is not just an everyday FPS – but a relentless military simulation of survival. If you don’t survive, everything you have from the equipment goes with you for good. However, there are ways not to lose all the equipment. You can click here and try to get some of it back, and there is also the option of using different boosters that will be of great help to you. For starters, you can secure your equipment, which gives you a chance to get some of it back within 24-48 hours.

2. Ghost Of Tsushima

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Marked as the last AAA game for the PlayStation console, Ghost of Tsushima takes us to distant feudal Japan, which is under siege by the Mongols. Players take on the role of the last samurai in search of revenge, but not everything is so easy and perfect. The Ghost of Tsushima is adorned with excellent mechanics of fencing and fighting, which can last but based on the video, we got the impression that every minute will be spent enjoying it. This title follows a breathtaking visual style that is entirely based on the history of Japan – so it seems like it’s a next-generation game, not a PlayStation four. Be sure to dedicate time to this game.

3. Marvel’s Avengers

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During all these years, and dozens of films about Marvel heroes – there have been no video games about their joint adventures. Square Enix, the project leader, has been working with Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal for several years – to develop Marvel’s Avengers game. This game unites heroes like Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, and others on a mission to restore people’s trust in superheroes. There are a large number of unique heroes, with recognizable powers – except that the actors in the game and the movies are not the same, but that is not a big drawback. The game is designed so that you can play it alone without any problems or you can save the world with three other friends. Content is just a fraction of what will be added through expansions. Therefore, switch from the movie screen to your PC – and embark on an adventure.

4. Resident Evil 3 Remake

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The remake from 2019 of the second part provoked extremely positive reactions and attracted attention in terms of graphics and changed the gameplay to the original. Based on that, it is quite logical that Resident Evil 3: Nemesis receives the same treatment. An adventure into the world of zombies with Jill Valentine in the lead role brings third-person shooting, modernized graphics with refreshed character, and zombie details, just like in the remake of the deuce. Except for the story where we fight S.T.A.R.S. detachment and a biological weapon called Nemesis, we will have the opportunity to try out in multiplayer mode, which will be a completely free addition to Project Resistance. It is an asymmetrical game mode in which one player is a mastermind, leading a maze and experimenting on other players, who must escape and endure all the traps and the familiar shriveled and slimy faces of the enemy. You should pay attention to this game.

5. Dying Light 2

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Another sequel to the great game is coming to us in 2024, and that is Dying Light 2 with even more zombies and more parkour. The developers paid a lot of attention to the sequel, to surpass the original in terms of content, so players can expect a four times bigger map and a story that Chris Avelon is working on personally. The virus has become more sensitive to UV radiation, but zombies are much more dangerous at night, and anarchists are even more in trouble. It is up to the protagonist infected with the virus to save the city and find a cure to avoid a dark fate. A great strategy game with many new additions.

We hope we manage to tickle your imagination and that you and your friends will try some of the offered multiplayer games. In any case, we wish you good and long fun.

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