Stargate Universe Season 3 – Review 2024

Fans of Stargate Universe have been waiting for the next season since forever. Would we get a smooth landing after the super-intense cliffhanger that the last episode left? Will there be a season 3? Let’s find out!

Response to Stargate Universe


The Stargate Universe was for sure a very promising story with its overall edgy tone. It could hook fans to itself and last for seasons and seasons. However, the critical ratings from professionals became an issue pretty quickly. Its reviews from acclaimed sources were more mixed and negative which led to a fall in ratings.

When the creators realized that the first season was just not hitting right with the audience, they made a major change. The Timeline and the time slots of the second season went a bit haywire. The creators took a risk and well… not a calculated one. This second season saw an even more negative response from the audience as well as the critics.

If you are still hoping for a third season after all this then let us tell you…

Stargate Universe has canceled Season 3

Yes, you heard us right. SYFY has decided that there will not be another season for this series. Even though some fans are utterly disappointed and are trying their ultimate best to get it released, there is no response from SYFY.

One fan even decided to begin fundraising to finance the third season! He had targeted to reach $27 million so that they could release the third season. Well, of course, that didn’t work out and even if it had, we don’t think they would have released another season.

But what about the story?!


After that major cliffhanger where the crew’s ship is broken, they need to jump to a new universe, and with Eli’s pod broken, the fans were very cruelly left at the peak of curiosity. If you are one of the obsessive ones who just need to know what happened next, we have good news for you.

The story has been continued. No, don’t get it wrong, there’s still no season 3 but you can find out what happens with the story! A comic was released namely Stargate Universe: Back to destiny in 2017. This comic resolved the story of the series. It picked up exactly where the series left off and made sure that the fans were content.

Although the production of this comic does involve any of the actual franchise members, this comic is pretty much everything the fans have after that major cliffhanger. Now whether you want to treat it as just another fan fiction or consider it the end, your choice!

Summing it up

Stargate is a huge franchise. The creators could have easily stuck to the Stargate movies which were already a guaranteed profit but they decided to engage in more viewer entertainment. Rather than just continuing the movie plots, SYFY took various risks in terms of releasing a TV show which hit them back.

Unfortunately, we cannot have another season to this franchise but let’s hope these risk-takers will soon hit back with another super cool creation to blow our minds!

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