Sea Safety Tips – How To Prepare For Any Emergency

The excitement of being at the sea can be quite overcrowding, especially if you’ve been waiting for the day for ages. Imagine it’s your first summer vacation, you are more than prepared, with excitement and all the fun stuff that you are prepared to have when you get there, that you have not thought of anything that could go wrong.

The truth is, something could go wrong. How prepared are you? How will you ensure that you and your friends get home in one piece despite anything that may happen out there? Well, this article will give you pointers that will help you prepare well for any emergency while at sea, so that you can have fun without much worry. Let’s get to it!

1. Never Leave Your Life Jackets

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Life jackets are the number one things you need to ensure they are in your boat. Now, you need to be thorough in the inspection of those life jackets. You need to pay attention to their content so that you get the quality ones. With life jackets, they include variety, depending on the types of waters you are going to, therefore, select the ones that are either all-water or are designed for floatation in the type of waters you’ll be exploring.

2. Have Emergency Food Supplies

Now, I understand that you went out in the sea to enjoy yourself, but you’ll be at peace knowing that you have food supplies that can help you when anything goes south.

The whole idea of having an emergency food supply is not to make you look like a dork, but to essentially understand that our bodies need a constant amount of nutrients and heat to operate normally. While at sea, any emergency that would leave you in water for a long time may lead to you developing hypothermia. This may be fatal. Therefore, you need to be able to retain as much heat as possible, and the first step to doing that is by ensuring you are fed.

You don’t need to necessarily go big with the food. You can get protein bars and drinks to keep you going.

3. Have an Escape Plan

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It’s always good to know that in case you need to abandon the boat, you will be able to get to the nearest dry place safely, or you can go to the mainland with ease altogether. Now, if you can fit lifeboats, then that’s good.

If you can’t, you have nothing to worry about. You can purchase floating dock cubes and you and your friends can use them to abandon your boat, click here to find out more. They are essentially made to float, so you and your friends will be safe till you can get help.

4. Understand How to Ask For Help When Stranded

There are several ways to ask for help when you are at sea, such as making a distress call, lighting up a firework and so on. These skills are necessary any time you go out there. Do not just assume that someone will figure out what is wrong from afar. And with the winds that may be strong, shouting may not get you anywhere.

Therefore, ensure that you have different methods onboard with you, that you can use to ask for help.  If it’s at night, you can use fireworks or some led lights to seek help. They can be seen from afar and chances are if you can make a ‘Help’ lettering, you’ll be easily noticed.

5. Know How To Swim

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This is a basic skill you need to learn if you plan to go out in the sea. If you do not know, get some lessons before the big day. This skill is vital for saving you and any of your friends that may be injured in the process. You also need to ensure that all the people on board can. This will make things easier for you when it comes to rescuing yourselves.

6. Have Medical Aid Supply

You should never go to sea without these. Medical aid should have all the essentials that will help you in whatever will happen while you are at sea. I know that you may not need it, but it’s good to know that however small the emergency will be, you’ll be able to keep it in control till you get to the hospital. Knowing first aid will also help a lot.

7. Don’t Drink and Boat

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It’s good to be in full awareness of what is going on around you.  When you get intoxicated, you lose your judgment ability and the chances of you surviving are much lower, especially when you are at sea.

Every state has a limit as to how much you can drink while at sea. To avoid being sued or even causing major injuries to yourself and others, you can either drink to below the minimum or not drink at all while going to the sea at all. It’s better to be safer than sorry!

The Bottom Line

Most of the safety guidelines you need to observe while at sea are quite basic. However, some are much more complex and require you to not only read about them but get some training for certifications. I am sure no one would want to put themselves and others at risk on purpose. Just follow the guidelines and trust your instincts. Best of luck!

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