How Different are European Online Casinos from American

Online casinos have become so popular in recent years, and we can thank social media for their uprising. Also, they have grown due to the global pandemic, meaning that everyone tried and wanted to have a bit of online fun since all land-based casinos were closed. Did you know that there are around 1.7 billion regular gamblers on the planet? If you are a player yourself you might be wondering what is the best source of fun, as well as who to trust when it comes to the US or EU market. If that is the case, just keep on reading! We are going to talk about some key differences between the European and American online casinos.


How Different are European Online Casinos from American: top 7 differences

1. Revenue wars

The best economic measure of an industry is the revenues that it makes in every aspect and field. How do these numbers differ from one another, and how do they affect the annual gambling industry when it comes to these two giant continents? Well, some stats show that the annual online gambling spending in North America is around $54.23 whereas in Europe they were $72.33. This just might show that Europeans love to spend a bit more, or that they might have better casinos worth visiting?! Overall, European casinos are not too pricey, yet their revenue is better.

2. The USA regulations

Did you know that in the USA, only 14 states allow online gambling and find it to be legal? Rules & regulations can also dramatically differ from one state to the other. This is why the gambling industry in the USA is severely hamstrung by the law and posts much smaller revenues than Europe, or even Canada. Although America might have some of the prettiest, largest, or flashiest casinos (especially in Nevada), it still lacks proper online regulations. It is also vital that you always read the terms and conditions when playing from a certain state and on a specific site.


3. Payment options vary

How many times have you had an issue trying to convert your foreign currency? In American casinos, everything is usually paid in dollars, while some online facilities also accept cryptocurrencies as of recently. In Europe, however, you can use different currencies, depending on your location where you’re in, and from which you’re gambling. European casinos will accept Euro, the US Dollar, the Canadian Dollar, the Australian Dollar, the Swedish Krona, the Yen, and other convertible currencies. This also applies to in-person facilities.

4. Legal aspect and age restrictions

Legal aspects will always come to play when it comes to the gambling industry. Let’s not forget that they can vary tremendously. Each country has its own set of rules & a specific law when it comes to this topic. However, most European casinos are a bit more flexible and liberal since they have looser laws that do not restrict people or disallow them to afford this pleasure. Most sites in Europe allow players age 18+ to enjoy the gameplay, while American casinos don’t allow people below the age of 21 to register and gamble. These rules also apply to land-based facilities on both continents, which means that you can’t freely walk in if you do not meet the age requirement.


5. Advertising on online gambling websites

Advertising aspects will also come to play when it comes to European & American casinos. The way you present something and talk about it on your social platforms will make a huge impact. In Europe, for instance, everyone watches the European Football Championship. During the match, there’s a ton of ads that pop on your TV, mostly related to gambling sites where you can bet on your favorite player & ultimate winner for the cup! Loads of TV & internet ads will also caught your eye. This is not the case in the US market. The casinos on the internet are not so focused on the advertising.

6. Roulette differences

The most commonly talked about difference is with the game of roulette. If you start playing roulette on the US or European website, you will not notice anything different, at first. However, when the game begins and as it is dropped in to the wheel, you will notice a major difference. In American roulette, you will see that there are 38 pockets where the ball can stand, with numbers from 1 to 36 and an additional two green pockets marked with 0 and 00. However, European games have one pocket less. If you are a European player, your chances of winning are automatically a lot higher.


7. European casinos put in more effort

Most casinos in Europe also have their web casinos, which is not a big practice in America. This is because the US is so popular and has a certain level of reputation, which allows them to care a lot less and input a lot less effort into their marketing or online gaming strategy. European casinos know how to get to their customer by managing the site and allowing them to choose among different welcome bonuses. They will also lure you with their display & game options. In the US, traditional casino games are most prevalent in the large casino centers on the West Coast where people from all over the world come to see the specificity and feel of those casinos.

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