6 Famous Celebrities that are Promoting Cryptocurrency

Things are not the same as they were a decade ago. Almost everything has changed. The common factor that we observe in every change is related to technology. We have social media, which is changing our lives in seconds. A completely unknown person can become famous overnight with just a video clip of a few seconds.

Just like that, Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies are gaining too much attention. Although it was all thanks to the electronic media, but not now. At first, news channels were reporting how people are making profits. However, now celebrities and social media influencers are in direct contact with their fans and followers. One post from these celebrities encourages their followers to do the same.

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The very next second someone sees your story and clicks on the link, it will become news. People will start downloading the app and will share it with their friends. Just because a famous person is using this app, increases its credibility. More and more people will start trusting it. They will go to profitbuilder-app.com/de and will start making profits.

And if you are questioning whether this happened really or not, we have a list of celebrities.

All of them have been promoting cryptocurrencies and their use and trading. Therefore, it is expected that they also own some coins (of course, not some).

1. Gwyneth Paltrow

Source: cheatsheet.com

Gwyneth is an award-winning actress and has around 2.7 million followers on Twitter. There is a company “TeraWulf” which claims to produce bitcoins using 100 percent carbon-free energy sources. Therefore, they were collaborating with Gwyneth to promote this.

Mining crypto coins was taking too much energy and was polluting the environment through becoming carbon sources. Therefore, now there are companies like TeraWulf that are using zero-carbon methods to mine coins. But they need celebrities to make the general public hear about them.

Thus, as a collaboration between Gwyenth and TeraWulf, the actress tweeted about giving bitcoins worth $500000 to her followers. This was a huge announcement and she tweeted this along with a link. So even if a few followers will receive the giveaway, many of them did follow the app.

Just like that, Gwyneth also tweeted about an article from goop.com. It showed the basics of BTC and how you can use it to make money. So the article was basically for beginners who were interested in crypto trading and mining. So if the actress was supporting BTC in 2018, she must also have her own share of coins too.

2. Reese Witherspoon

She is also an academy award-winning actress and she made headlines with her tweet about the digital world. Although we are observing a lot of change in our surroundings, such news still brings shock.

So last September, the actress tweeted how the world is going to become digitalized and if we are ready for it? This was a question but it showed the audience how famous people are thinking. If the rich and powerful people are investing in this future, why not us?

3. Paris Hilton

Source: dailysabah.com

Paris Hilton has not done this for the first time. She has always been a crypto enthusiast. She has shown her interest in digital currencies in her various posts and statements. Therefore, a lot of her fans question how much she owns in the crypto world.

Paris also endorsed the “NFT technology” while she was on Jimmy Fallon’s show.

Another time, she retweeted Michael Saylor’s tweet with the caption “Loves it #Bitcoin”. The tweet actually said that Diamonds can be your best friends but Bitcoin will always be there. So if she is so interested in the digital assets, undoubtedly, her fans will also be.

4. Bill Gates

As we have already told you, things were not the same a decade ago. However, there were people who invested in cryptocurrencies at that time. One of these people is Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft. He has been interested and been investing in Bitcoin since early 2014.

In one of his interviews in 2014, Bill Gates said that BTC is interesting. Because it shows how much cheaper can it be. Later on, he further said that BTC is actually better than a lot of our currencies. It is easier to handle, there is no risk of theft and fraud and also you can make large transactions. In short, BTC is convenient to use as compared to our real-world currencies.

Bill Gates was even now is a big name in this world. Therefore, his support for BTC made headlines in 2014. Thus, a lot of entrepreneurs and many other people from different backgrounds started investing their money there. This resulted in increasing its worth and eventually it made headlines again with rising fame.

5. Snoop Dogg

Source: reuters.com

Snoop Dogg is also one of the early investors of BTC. He is one of those people who had faith in the currency during its initial time. It dates back to 2013, Snoop showed interest in getting BTC as a payment for his albums in 2013. It was the time when one of his albums was sold for 0.3 BTC. We do not know yet how many albums were sold but he did earn a lot of BTC.

6. Ashton Kutcher

Ashton is unlike the above-mentioned people. He showed interest in BTC in 2010. And what’s more, is that he actually owns an investment firm for cryptocurrencies. In addition to this, he also invested in UnikoinGold. This is a cryptocurrency that is used for esports payments. So he was interested in BTC and other cryptocurrencies in 2010, which is quite an early time.

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