Birth Announcement Template You’ll Love

Are you soon welcoming a baby and are not familiar with the formal rules of inviting your loved ones to join you for celebrations? Well, If you want to make the invitation a grand one then you should ask your loved ones to join you.

The question that arises is how to invite them properly? Should we aim for cards or just leaving an online text would do? We have seen that no matter how convenient a digital system may be, it cannot replace the culture of distributing cards for special events.

The beauty of a card is that it manifests the feelings of the inviter and connects the invitee and inviter. There are a number of baby announcement templates to begin with. You just need to pick the right font, graphics and details to get it done.

Basic card formation:


According to basicinvite, a site dedicated to making professional invitations, the card should be a pictorial representation of the theme of the event. So at first you need to pick the most basic things such as template, color and font size. Following are some basics of designing a card.

1. Select your desired template:

If you know the gender of the baby, you should pick up a template according to it. For example you can pick a card template with a border of pink flowers and a doll if it’s a girl whereas if it is a baby boy you should prefer a template with blue cars to give it a boyish look.

If you are not a fan of these stereotypical themes and want to pick any other template then it’s all up to you.

2. Pick up a base color for the card:

Pick up a base color of the card that goes well with the template. The base color is what makes the first impression on the invitee. It has to be contrasting to the font color. This makes the card more readable.

3. Select the font style:

Most of the time the font style is kept the same as used in word documents but it is not necessary. You can actually pick up the font of your choice. You should pick a style that is appealing and readable.

4. Add pictures to it:


You can also add pictures of the baby and parents while customizing the card. It makes it more attractive and beautifies it. Or if you do not want to reveal the baby yet you can just add your picture.

Another option to go with is to add the picture of a cartoon character that is really trendy in those days.

  • select a cover of card:

Mostly, cards come with white blank cover card but it doesn’t have to be this mundane. Just like other detailings you can pick a decent card cover to your card.

Detailing on the card:

After the basic designing of the card, starts the real job of detailing it. The tone of the card should be formal and polite.

1. A formal invitation sentence:

At the top of it the name of the inviter should be mentioned as the host of the birth announcement event. You may write like,” Mr. and Mrs. X are obliged to ….” or any other way that you may like it to be.

The tone has to be formal and convincing to grab the attention of the invitee. Make it sound attractive.

2. Wording used for the card:

You should use very polite words. Words connect the two persons. The invitee can feel his importance while reading it.

3. Mention the invitee’s name:


After the name of the parents and baby comes the invitee name. It is mostly written outside of the card. It is another most important thing you cannot ignore or miss out. It will be a very rude gesture to do so..

When writing a card, you address them by their names so they feel connected to you.

4. Disclose the detail about the event:

Now about the event details! You need to put the exact right location where the event is finalized. You can actually send them Google map locations as well. This is much safer for the guests in case they are coming from far away.

Add day, date and time of starting and finishing the event. This helps people in making out a schedule for the day to be a part of the event.

5. Mentioning grandparents:

In the last of it, add the name of the child’s grandparents. Write their name as the people who are looking forward to guests’ arrival. Make it something like, “Mr. and Mrs. X are looking forward to your eager participation in their grandchild birth announcement ….”

This is how you will end the baby birth announcement card in a smooth manner


Things to take care of:

There are a few things you should be mindful of. A little miss-handling can make things go south.

  • Make card fancy yet decent. You do not have to keep on adding glitz and glatz to the point that it becomes unpleasing to the eyes.
  • Make sure you have made the list of guest before hand so no one remains left out. Otherwise it will be a big mess at the end.
  • Make sure that you distribute the cards yourself. If you can not make it then a person of closest relation should take the responsibility.
  • Meet your guest with spike of energy. Make them feel how important their participation is. Take care of them until the end of the event.
  • Last but not the least, remember it is a celebration of big event of your life and your child is the star of the show. Make vows to be a responsible parent to your child, as some people would do, and to do everything it takes to make his/her life beautiful.

Final verdict:

To make an event successful you need to take every step carefully. These are some of the helpful tips to get your cards customized, the way you want them to be. Using cards is actually much more polite gesture rather than leaving a text or anything.

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