6 Reasons Why You Need Grab Bars in Your Bathroom

When you enter your bathroom, the chances of slipping are high because of wet and slippery surfaces. It is necessary to install grab bars in your toilets and bathrooms to avoid getting slipped. These long handles can be installed anywhere a person can slip off and get hurt.

It looks great in your bathroom and makes you comfortable. But many people do not consider it to be installed in their bathrooms. They think these bars will take up massive space in their small bathrooms and can also hurt someone.

If you are confused about whether you should install it or not, then you must know some reasons for installing this accessory. When you know specific reasons, you will change your mind and immediately install the grab bars in your bathroom. The following write-up will help in preventing any confusion. Let us discuss those important reasons.

1. Safety

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Generally, the bathroom floor remains wet, and there are slipping risks. Whenever you enter the toilet, you need to walk carefully so you won’t slip. But sometimes, it is not your fault, and you slip eventually. Installing grab bars can help you walk carefully inside the bathroom and prevent you from getting slipped. You will stay safe when you hold the bar and walk slowly. The bar helps in providing proper balance and avoiding falling.

If you are concerned about the safety of you and your family members, you must install this bathroom accessory. Even if the bathroom size is small, you can install the grab as it will not take enough space. You can hurt yourself in a small space because your head can bang into the walls. Therefore, it is important to ensure your safety in the bathroom.

2. Resolve Balancing Issues

Many people experience balancing issues like kids, seniors, ill people, etc. Instead of walking with that person to the bathroom, you can help them become independent. With the help of a grab bar, the person can balance himself properly and walk slowly on the wet surface. Without your need, the person can easily move inside and outside the bathroom. TailiStore is the best place for buying an enlarged shower grab bar to reach any place you want in the restroom.

There is no risk of slipping if you are well-balanced. It helps resolve balancing issues in various people and lets them do their bathroom activities independently. Balancing problems are quite common, and a healthy person can lose his balance on wet and slippery surfaces. But you can rely on grab bars for better grip and support while standing, sitting, or walking inside the bathroom.

3. Helpful for Patients Who Recently Undergone Surgeries

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A person can get affected physically and mentally by any surgery. The bathroom routine is quite difficult for every patient. After surgery, a person does not have enough strength to walk around and get a comfortable toilet experience. If you slip in such a situation, your healing surgical wounds will get injured again.

In many unfortunate cases, a person must undergo the surgical process again or visit the doctor for stitches. If you want to avoid such situations, then it is better to use a grab bar in your bathroom. You can walk slowly by holding and gripping the bar and take enough time to get done with your bathroom activities. It is the best way to be independent and get a comfortable toilet experience without any pain or injuries.

4. Helpful for People Suffering from Poor Vision

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Many people suffer from poor vision with age or any medical condition. They barely see anything around and may face difficulty walking into the bathroom. They may slip due to a wet surface that they cannot see at all. These accidents can injure them severely, making it difficult for some people to recover quickly.

Avoiding such situations by using the grab bar in your bathroom is better. Anyone with poor vision can easily touch and hold the bar. The person can reach any corner and comfortably use the toilet. Whenever the person has to come out, he can hold the bar and walk out slowly. It is an easy solution for every person with poor vision.

5. Helpful for Seniors

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Older people above 50 become physically weak, and it becomes difficult for them to walk with proper balance. Instead of slipping on the bathroom floors, they can maintain their balance by holding the grab bar. They can have a strong grip on the bar to reach the toilet seat.

They may not need any assistance to go there. It is necessary to install grab bars in your bathroom as it is helpful for senior people in your house. You can help them be independent and do all their bathroom tasks comfortably. They can take enough time to walk around and do their job.

6. Add Comfort

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Installing a grab bar in your restroom helps in adding comfort for everyone. Your family may have kids, seniors, adults, etc. They can use the toilet with extreme comfort by holding the grab bars and saving themselves from slipping. This accessory can be used as a safety device for everyone.

Even if you are healthy and physically fit, you can slip because of a wet and slippery surface. You cannot avoid the floor getting wet in a bathroom, but you can save yourself from slipping over it. With this accessory’s help, you can easily maintain the balance and reach from one place to another.

The Bottom Line

Like many people, you must be confused about whether to install grab bars in the bathroom or not. After reading all the mentioned reasons, you can consider installing this accessory in the restroom. It provides comfort and safety to every person who uses the toilet.

If you have any family member who is sick, physically challenged, or has undergone any surgery, you must consider this fitting in the bath space. These reasons are enough to clear all the confusion from your head.

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