No Deposit Myths And Facts To Have In Mind

The no deposit bonus is not the most common promotion in the gambling world. Yet, it’s the most preferred and searched special offer. Customers really love it as it allows them to receive a gift from the operator without taking any financial risks. It’s called a no deposit bonus because it does not unlocks with a performed deposit.

Even though players are so keen on no deposit bonuses, it is evident that they don’t understand them quite well. We have found out that thousands of punters are still misguided because of the most common no deposit bonus myths. In the following lines, we will debunk them by giving you the real facts.

Myth 1: The no deposit bonus is the best possible bonus you can receive

That’s not exactly true. There are many excellent deposit bonuses with easy-to-be-met wagering requirements. If you compare their gifts with an ordinary no deposit bonus, the deposit bonuses might be relatively better and bigger. The best way to find out if a promo – whether deposit or no deposit – is really worth it, is to read its complete terms and conditions. They provide the details you need to use to make the final estimation, as well as to make up your mind about whether to use the bonus. It is not by chance that most of the experienced players claim that sometimes “the best offers are the worst offers” because they only look and sound as amazing but have truly awful wagering requirements or terms and conditions.


Myth 2: All the newly established casinos always offer no deposit bonuses

The reason why so many people think so is that they consider the no deposit bonuses as the best promos ever. And it’s logical for an operator with no experience in the field and few registered customers to seek a way to attract more visitors to its website. However, there are many awesome gambling houses with no deposit bonuses but unique other promos. See the Stake casino no deposit bonus and the rest of the operator’s promotions! You will end up with the same conclusion in the end. It is not mandatory for a company to follow the trends and policies established by its competitors, including the key players in the industry.

Myth 3: A no deposit bonus is the only risk-free casino bonus

There is no such thing as participating in an online casino and reducing all the possible risks from your activity. It’s gambling, after all! In gambling, every step and action you take brings some risk. Moreover, many players make the colossal mistake of signing up in a casino without checking out its service quality and reputation because of the no deposit bonus. Eventually, they get disappointed because the operator is not as good as the promotion it offers. In casino activity, reducing the risk should be the player’s one of biggest priority. And a risk can be hidden in a bonus, including a no deposit bonus, too.


Myth 4: All no deposit bonuses require promo codes

That’s not true. Not all bonuses as a whole require promo codes. It’s a matter of the operator’s decision. There are a lot of websites with casino games where the no deposit bonus is credited to a player’s account without the necessity to type a unique promo code. Sometimes, you only need registration to get a no deposit bonus. However, don’t get upset immediately if you have found an awesome no deposit bonus that requires a promo code. Usually, the operator includes the bonus code in the promotion terms and conditions.

Myth 5: No deposit bonus is always a fixed cash price

Some companies offer no deposit bonuses in other forms. For instance, bookmakers tend to provide you with a free bet on a specific sports discipline, event, or market. A no deposit bonus might be provided as a pack of free spins in the casino sphere. In this case, you get 10, 20, 100, or more free spins on particular slot games. Meanwhile, the no deposit bonus is permanently fixed. It cannot be presented as a percentage of your deposit or betting activity per certain period. In these cases, the promotion is either a deposit bonus or a cash-back special offer.

Myth 6: Everything you get from a no deposit bonus becomes yours with no limits

It could be awesome if this were true. However, it is not. The no deposit bonus is easy enough to be activated, so it is supposed to have some other limits. The limits are usually special wagering requirements. You need to meet them in order to be able to make a withdrawal. You can eventually get both the no deposit bonus cash prize and all the money you win through this withdrawal. Like all other bonuses, the no deposit bonus does not become yours once you activate it. Some actions should be taken to receive the gift.


Myth 7: Only casinos offer no deposit bonuses

Many casino operators provide no deposit bonuses. Yet, they are not the only gambling houses that can make such a gift to the players. There are a lot of bookmakers that are generous enough to offer you no deposit bonuses. In this case, you can be provided with a free bet or some cash. Note that the free bet is fixed at a concrete amount. Sometimes, it is possible for the bookie to establish some limits about the disciplines, markets, and bet types for the no deposit bonus application. It’s good to know that bookmakers tend to provide no deposit bonuses, not only for newly registered players. It is common to see such promos offered to active customers, including the most loyal ones.

The best way to avoid misunderstandings related to the no deposit bonus is to read its terms and conditions. Always remember that the promotions are not the same, and every company has its own bonus system policy.

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