What Women’s Tops Are in Fashion?

Let’s make the choice of fashionable women’s tops easy. All you need to know is a few trends and rules to follow.

What are the trends?

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These years, runaway shows don’t dictate any strict rules concerning tops but encourage women to choose from the vast variety of options. There are still some trends you can follow if you wish.

“Naked” women’s tops

When we say “naked,” we mean everything that is nude, sheer, and transparent. Actually, not only see-through tops are in fashion but also boots, swimwear, and dresses — just for you to know.

“Naked” ones for women are good both for parties and the office if styled appropriately. In the second case, sheer blouses look nice when layered with extra pieces — jackets, vests, etc.

Oversized and voluminous silhouettes

Women tops that fly around the body and have puffed sleeves or peplum elements and draping are extremely trendy.

The easiest way to balance out proportions when wearing oversized is to wear slim denim or tight-fitting skirts. Using the waist bend can provide balance if the pants or skirt are also soft and voluminous.


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Sometimes, it seems that the more layers of clothes you have, the more classy you look. So, be brave in your experiments with wearing tops on or under other clothing. For example, crop tops and plain loose T-shirts look pretty on silk dresses. And if you wear a top under the shirt and add an oversize jacket, you will look quite cheeky and interesting.


Every top that could be popular in the 90s is worth wearing today, though with small modifications. A tie-dye T-shirt is a good choice, but if it is not extremely bright. Animal prints are perfect but better in muted minimalist tones.

Halterneck tops, crew neck T-shirts, vertical stripe shirts, and off-the-shoulder tops (no matter whether short- or long-sleeved) were fashionable and still can be classy if tailored to today’s standards.

Tiny tops

Belly-baring ones, shirts, and sweaters are popular again. Their advantage is that they make the torso look longer. There is a common belief that high-waisted pants are the best match for crop tops. Not at all! Try them with super-oversized baggy trousers, long denim or silk skirts, super-mini skirts, biker shorts, or wide-leg jeans. They look really nice.

Front ties

Front-tied tops (both shortened and elongated) are popular now. Ties are good for almost every piece of clothing: blouses, neck and crop tops, etc. Sometimes, they are more difficult to style: ties can stick out or look messy if you wear a second layer. But anyway, such clothes are always pretty when worn independently.

Fashionable women tops

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When searching online, pay attention to a few models from the list below. It is the clothing that appeared in almost every fashion collection and is widely popular among women.

Crop tops

They became popular a few years ago, and we bet they will still be trendy for several more seasons. So, don’t hesitate to buy some extra crop tops. They look good with jeans, skirts, and over a dress.

Loose straight tops

Loosely-fitted clothing is the best when you need to look pretty though comfortable. This is the right top to spend the whole day in without feeling tightness or rubbing. Choose the trendy prints: florals, hippie-like, and tropical motifs.

Turtleneck tops

These pieces make you look a bit strict and more confident. Turtlenecks are especially good for women with long necks and usually require the hair to be pinned in the top. Consider the tops from the lightweight, half-transparent fabric — they are in fashion now.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

These are typically loose-fit, so they pair well with slim jeans (which are still worth wearing). Such tops have something light and romantic about them. They go remarkably well with flowing hair, curls, and everything else associated with romantic looks.

Tank Tops

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This is one of the most basic things in your wardrobe, and it is essential if you style it appropriately. We recommend you have at least one white tank top as far as it is the most vigorous piece you can imagine. In summer, wear it with accessories (earrings, bracelets, hair bands). In winter, remember the layering trend and wear tank tops under shirts, sweaters, and jackets.

Strapless tops

Tube tops come in many forms and can be worn with almost anything. Monochrome ones look casual and can be worn under blazers or jackets, while striped or multicolored ones look excellent even when worn independently. If you want to get more ‘90s spirit, try bandeau tops looking like silk scarves.

Cami tops

Cami tops blur the lines between underwear and regular clothes, and this trend is so great! They have the potential to be styled in classy, playful, and even business-like looks. Prefer monochrome cami tops. They are useful both when you are going out or just for work, especially if worn with jackets.

Blouse top

A blouse top is a very feminine clothing good both for work and casual events. Keep in mind that loosely-fitted blouses look more classy than tight ones. Consider boho-style tops and ones having embroidery.

What kinds of fashionable tops fit any wardrobe?

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Here is a minimalist list of versatile tops that will come in handy for every woman:

  • Long-sleeve tops — a casual piece for every day;
  • Crop tops of any color you like and any sleeve length you need or prefer;
  • One-shoulder or off-the-shoulder tops, which are a great option for a night out.

The general rule is to have at least one top for every day. But the better option is to have 2 or 3 different tops of each type that you prefer to wear. For example, if you work at the office, you probably need several smart blouses. If you are a freelancer, you may need more versatile pieces: crop tops or long-sleeve tops.

In the Lascana shop, you can choose casual, business, or elegant tops designed according to trends. Lascana helps you stay fashionable every single day!

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