5 Industries that Benefit from a Commercial Shed – and Why You Need One Too

Industries commercial shed

For several reasons, many businesses would benefit from having one or more commercial sheds on their property. Built to purpose, these outbuildings are very suitable for the warehousing, manufacturing, self-storage, agricultural and nursery sectors. However, the possible applications are endless.

Furthermore, as a business owner, you can expand your capacity by adding more commercial sheds as your entity grows.

Keep reading to find out how these sheds are helping certain niches and see how it can be implemented in your business too.

5 Industries Benefiting from Commercial Sheds

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Commercial or industrial sheds are sturdy structures constructed to meet the specifications of various industries. If you work with an expert, they’ll take note of individual requirements while considering your business type and needs.

Use these overviews of industries to determine how your new shed can help your company.

1. Efficient Warehousing

Commercial or industrial sheds make excellent structures for storing goods, safely and efficiently, before selling or distributing to customers. When made with durable and high-quality materials, you can rest assured your goods are protected from the elements no matter how harsh the climate is.

The benefits of using commercial sheds as part of your warehousing business include:

  • Versatile designs: Many commercial sheds can be altered to meet your operational and capacity needs. Adjusting features such as the roof pitch, height and span of the shed gives you more storage space while streamlining your warehouse processes.
  • Lifetime investment: Quality commercial sheds are built to last, giving you good returns on your investment.
  • Add as you grow: Once you have more customers using your services, you can add more commercial sheds to your property to accommodate your storage and operational needs.

2. Dynamic Self-Storage

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Self-storage companies continue to grow in Australia, meeting the increasing demand for additional storage space. Homeowners may be looking for self-storage services to store household goods they no longer have space for at home. Offices need extra space to safely store documents, equipment and furniture that’s cluttering up their workplace environments.

Using commercial sheds as self-storage facilities give you the following benefits:

  • Security: Sturdy structures and lockable features such as roller doors as well as weatherproof materials ensure your customers’ goods are safe and secure at all times.
  • Purpose-built: All types of goods can be stored safely no matter their size or shape. Built to purpose sheds can accommodate items such as vehicles that need long-term protection against harsh weather conditions and vandalism.

3. Customised Manufacturing Solutions

If you’re in the manufacturing industry, you’ll need space to produce your goods efficiently and safely. With custom-built sheds, you can specify what size you want for improved workplace productivity while providing adequate storage space for raw materials and parts.

There are many benefits to designing your commercial shed for manufacturing purposes and these include the following features:

  • Windows and doors: Providing ample lighting and ventilation is important for the health and safety of your workers. Commercial sheds can include windows, sliding doors and roller doors for this purpose.
  • Roof ventilation: Keeping the roof area cool minimises heat building up inside the structure, reducing your need for costly air conditioning units.
  • Concrete flooring: The right floor cover is necessary for safe working conditions as well as for cleaning and maintenance purposes. Laying concrete flooring as part of your shed construction is a durable and long-lasting solution for most manufacturers.

4. Weather Resistant for Agricultural Use

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Farmers always need additional storage space for tools, equipment and livestock feed. Made to withstand harsh climate conditions, custom-built sheds are the perfect solution for agricultural activities. Commercial farmers needing bigger outbuildings would benefit from installing industrial sheds to keep their agricultural products and equipment safe at all times.

One of the main benefits of working with experts who understand the agricultural sector is that they can build custom sheds engineered to handle different environmental factors. For example, shed construction material with a category 2 wind rating is highly beneficial for farmers contending with high winds or cyclones.

5. Optimal Protection for a Nursery

Protecting nursery inventory against theft and all weather conditions is vital for your plant business. To run such a business successfully, a nurseryman needs basic tools, equipment, fertiliser, pesticides and insecticides. A commercial shed is the ideal structure for storing and protecting these nursery items.

Commercial sheds for nurseries can include the following benefits:

  • Office space: The shed can be designed to include an office for your storeroom manager.
  • Energy-efficient lighting: Commercial shed designs can include fibreglass skylights for brightening the interior of your storage space without paying for costly artificial lighting.
  • Cost-effective: Custom sheds can be built to meet your budget without compromising on space or protection.

Final Thoughts

Commercial sheds are affordable, quick to install and customisable to grow with your business. Built to last a lifetime, quality made-to-order sheds give you value for money while matching your specific business needs. Also, you can focus on expanding your business knowing there’s a commercial shed design you can rely on to improve your customer services.

Isn’t it time you enjoy some of the benefits mentioned above, no matter the industry you’re in?

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