Yu YuFit vs Xiaomi Mi Band

YuFit vs Mi Band

Yu YuFit and Xiaomi Mi Band are two same kind of fitness bands with similar prices launched recently in Indian market by two different companies. So which one to buy? Or what is difference between them? Here we compare both to find out which one is best for you to buy.

YuFit vs Mi Band


In terms of Design both are almost similar. Both comes with same rubber bands on which fitness tracker device is housed in. You can easily adjust size of bands according to your wrist size as both of them has ample holes. Both of these bands are waterproof so you can use them in shower or in rain.


Yu YuFit comes with an OLED display while Xiaomi Mi band does not have display it has only 3 LED lights. The display shows time, date, details such as number of steps. YuFit also informs you about incoming calls and messages just like MI band but it uses OLED display while MI band uses LED’s to show this information’s. In YuFit band you can easily switch between different modes by just tapping the display.YU YuFit also transfers information to Smartphone wirelessly over Bluetooth.


YuFit and Mi Band both are compatible with both Android and IOS .you can easily connect your Android as well as your IOS phone with these bands via Bluetooth. Till now both of them are not compatible with Windows phones. MI band pairs with Xiaomi MI FIT app while the YuFit pairs with HealthifyME app available in App store.


MI bands lets you track your steps and your sleep, YuFit also does the same but it’s Healthify app also allows to enter the food you eat and it calculates the amount of calories you consumed.


YuFit’s battery capacity and battery life is yet to be disclosed. But the MI band has great battery life, Xiaomi says MI band’s battery lasts for 30 days. It seems that for the same price, the YuFit offers more features like display and better app for your Smartphone.

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