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Evolve Wallpaper

Evolve is a new PC Video Game developed by Turtle Rock Studios and launched by 2K Games. It is a Multiplayer where you can be either hunter or the hunted. The game is about 5 players controlling 4 Hunters and 1 Monster individually. Story is very interesting. If you are a Hunter, you must kill the Monster and if you are playing as Monster, you must kill all 4 hunters. Alternatively, there is second objective provided, i.e. to destroy the human base or power plant. You will surely love it. Even the gameplay and graphics are good.

Coming to the point, if you are playing this on PC and got stuck somewhere or if any problem, dont worry. You can download the 100% complete Save Game file for Evolve from this page in a single click and resume the game where you left, and progress ahead. Just download the file and replace it with your original saves. For being on safer side, never forget to backup your original files before replacing them.

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