Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Troubleshooting Guide: Fix Lagging, Poor FPS, Freezing, Crash CTD, Black screen, Sound problems and Game errors

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Troubleshooting Guide

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a new game that is released recently extreme battle game with high end graphic and huge hardware requirement. It is a great series which everyone wants to play. But with that there are plenty of bugs that many are facing. This guide is going to help you to deal with those bugs. I am targeting the most common problems here and this place is open for all to update their own bugs also. We will try from our end to get a resolution and provide a smooth game play. It is good if you start with updating your drivers before installing the game. And those who are playing a pirated version will face more issue because of unstable game files and improper patches. There are also some configurations available in the game settings that can help you to improvise it output.

Similar to me there might be many players who are dealing with different bugs. It took me several hours to make the list and provide a working solution. Most of this will be helpful but some might not work. If you discover anything you are welcome to share that with others. There is no update provided yet by the game developer. So we might have to rely mostly on the manual process. Most of these things are common and easy to understand. You just have to follow the procedure below properly.

The first thing that we will check is the minimum system requirements for the game which matters a lot. Ignoring that is the biggest mistake people do. Always double check that is the minimum and maximum system requirement this game need to work well.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Core i3-530 2.9GHz CPU or AMD Phenom II X4 810
Memory: 6 GB
Graphics Card: GeForce GTS 450 OR AMD Radeon HD 5870 1024MB
DirectX: DirectX 11
HDD Space: 55 GB

Recommended System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3GHz OR AMD FX-8120
Memory: 8 GB
Graphics Card: GeForce GTX 760 Palit JetStream 4GB OR AMD Radeon R9 270X Sapphire Dual-X 4GB
DirectX: DirectX 11
HDD Space: 55 GB

It is very important that you r system must meet exact configuration of at least the first part which is minimum system requirements. And if you are not having a decent system then you will keep on dealing with the problem. It also good to add a 2GB RAM more if you are having a 6GB and upgrade your operating system to Windows 7 64bit. This are the essential thing that matters a lot.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Unable to Install:

The most common issue that comes in start of many games is installation problem. Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is a high end game and there are chances that it might crash instantly on the setup. So here few solutions can help to fix it:

  • One of the most common issue lies with the security application in your system. Like the Antivirus. It blocks the setup and does not allow it to make any changes in the pc. So just disable it. You have to go in system try, right click on the antivirus and choose disable.
  • One of the most common antivirus which is behind installation failure error is Norton Security. It is a popular antivirus and many are using it. It might block the game setup. So just turn this off. It will offer you option to disable it for temporary time.
  • If this does not help then the issue can lie with the setup file. That means the game DVD which you had bought might be faulty. Check the DVD properly and see if there are not damage on the same. Clean it with cotton and try once again.
  • If the issue is related with the ISO file, which you had downloaded from the official site then there are chances that the download is corrupt or damage. You have to download it back again. Use a good download manager.

Note: Always start with fresh installation. It is important that you delete the old files first. The most common place where all the file are copied is Program File or the My Documents folder. Go inside in each of them one by one and remove all the old files to prevent any error.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Installation Error and Solutions:

Error: “Cannot Install Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PC”

It is a common bug or error that appear in different games and even sometime of new software that you are trying to install. Here in Windows, it is hard to find the exact cause of the same. So you must start with checking out the system requirements. Match them properly. If system requirements is proper then you can start with updating all the drivers. You can find them on the official site of your laptop or motherboard manufacturer. Then go ahead with downloading the latest version of DirectX. Even if you have re-install it. You can get that from here.

Error: “The Application failed to initialize properly”

This error mostly appear at the time of setup or when you are trying to launch the game. And there is a tiny fix for the same. The error occur due to outdated/damage Microsoft Visual Runtime Libraries. You can download it form here.

Error: “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare PC Install Fails, Cannot Install”

This error ios very annoying. But the solution to fix this is quite simple. Here due to a bug in Microsoft C++ cause the problem. It can be because you had not updated this from long time or some applications has modified the files which are corrupt and needs to be replaced. You have to start by removing it first. Go in Control panel > Uninstall Programs > Add and Remove Programs > and uninstall Microsoft C++. Then you have to download it back again from the official site of Microsoft. It is a tiny update that will add more stability. After installation reboot your pc and start again with game setup.

If you get any different kind of error at the time of installation then you are most welcome to update the same here. We will help you to find the solution.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Wont load, Won’t Start or Crashes on launch:

These types of error appear after the installation. When you are done with the setup and there was no issue. And the error occurs when you try to launch it. It might not start, or it might crash instantly after the same. There are few tiny fixes for this issue:

To start with a simple fix, you must try to verify your driver status. Most of us do not update drivers for long time and this cause the problem. Begin with your Graphic Card driver update. I am providing you the driver download link below. You just have to go on that and locate the latest drivers for your GPU. This site will also try to auto-detect the gpu you are using:

Download Nvidia Card drivers
Download AMD ATI Card drivers

If after updating the drivers the game still fails to work and not offering you any easy fix, then it means DirectX is having some trouble. I had mentioned this already and want to repeat it once again. TI is necessary that you must download the latest version of DirectX and update that on your system. And then try the game back. Do not forget to reboot.

On Windows 7 there is one more settings which can block the game launch. And that is UAC. The user Account Control. Buy turning that off sometime the game load issues are resolved. It is like a preventive measure that asks you before launching a game which sometime is good for security. But you can keep it off if you are having a antivirus. The steps for that are::

1. Click on Start or press the Windows key from keyboard. In the Search box type UAC and hit enter.
2. You will see a window to modify the settings. Drag the slider to down to turn it off.
3. Restart your pc and then try to launch the game once again.

Another solution if nothing works here. Sometime the desktop composition does not help you to start the game. There is another way to stop this. And the game tries to start in its default settings. For that you have to go in C:\Program Files. Look for the folder of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. And in that look for the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare.exe file. Right click on that and choose Properties. In that go in Compatibility Mode Tab and remove the tick from Disable Desktop Composition. That’s it restart the pc.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Crash To Desktop (CTD) during Gameplay:

The above options will really help you to fix issues related to the startup and installation. Now after when you are done with setup the game might crash. Below thins can help:

  • If the game is crashing during playing then there are chances that any background app is causing the issue. And to make the game play stable you have to turn that thing off. You can find the list of processing through Task Manager. Just go in that and see what is working. And kill all those processes which are not needed.
  • To make the game output more stable it is good to permanently disable things that are not needed on the startup. When you turn on your pc a number of applications are started on their own. This is because they are configured to work on startup. For that you have to press Windows + R key to start Msconfig. In that go in Startup. Click on Hide all Microsoft Services. And then click on Disable all. That’s it reboot and check.
  • Once again check the antivirus status because after reboot it will turn on. So disable it for a short time and then try to play the game.
  • There is one more fix which works most of the time. For that you have to turn off multi-gpu thing. When you play game multiple GPUs are active in the background. You can find that through the Graphic Card Control Panel which is in the system tray. Start it and disable anyone of them.
  • For those who are using Nvidia graphic card has to go in the Nvidia Control Panel and go under Manage 3D settings. From there turn off Threaded Optimization.
  • These who are using ATI or AMD graphic car has to remove Catalyst Control Center for some time. Just uninstall that and test the gameplay.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Black Screen Problem:

Black Screen is one of the most common errors that appear after installation. You might get the audio on the background but the game screen will remain black. It is due to outdated graphic card. OR sometime it is due to some security application which is blocking the game. Let’s try out some fixes:

  • Start with installing the latest version of your graphic card. You can find that on the official site. And then go ahead with updating your motherboard drivers.
  • IF the game stutters while playing then go in the game video settings. There you have to turn off Vsync first. Then turn off anti-aliasing and filtering also. Try to find if there is anything related to multi-sampling. Turn that thing also. Try to run game on low resolution or low settings for some time.
  • Once again please check that your antivirus is disabled for the time when you are playing game. Because black screen is directly created by this.
  • Just for test try to go in the Firewall settings of Windows 7 and check that it is turn off. If not then turn it off manually. You can find this in Control Panel.
  • Launch Task Manger and then click on Process tab. Kill all unwanted process. There might some which are eating too much ram. And that is causing the game to load improperly.
  • If nothing helps then the final option here is to go ahead with re-installing Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. You have to remove it and manually delete all the game files. And then go ahead with fresh installation. Also delete the content of Save Game folder.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Lagging, Freezing and Low FPS Problems:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is an high end graphic game. It has a very high hardware requirement. And playing this game is not possible on a regular pc. HD graphics means maximum chances of having a freezing or lagging issue. And the FPS rate is also affected. So here it is very essential that you cross verify a number of times whether your system is having minimum system requirement or not. Or else it is not wroth installing the game.

  • Most of the time lagging or freezing issue occurs when the game does not get enough resources to run properly. That means you might have low system hardware. Here you can just free up some ram and processing power by killing all the process which is working in the background. You have to click and then click on end process. That will help.
  • And if you are still dealing with the issue then just go in the Graphic Card Control Panel. And in that look for advance settings. You can find Vsync and Anti-aliasing. Disable them.
  • A few more things you have to turn off to get a stable output. You have to find Triple Buffering and V-Sync. Just check that they are using the D3DOverrider software because it will help you in boosting the fps. THIs feature mostly comes in high end gaming pc.
  • There might be some improvements after you had done trying all the above stuff. Now to make it work a bit better will be setting up the process priority. So that the cpu can ignore other process. For that run the game and then press Alt + Tab. Then press Ctrl + Alt + Del to start Task Manager. In that go in Process section and then right click on the process that is working. Set the priority to High or Real-time and then try back. I am quite sure this will be helping a lot.
  • If you are playing the game on Steam and you are having this low fps problems then you have to ensure that your internet connection is working fine. Sometime the connection breaks and gives you such issues. If you had are connected on a wifi connection then try using a Ethernet port for more stability.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare No Sound or Sound Stuttering:

This is not a very common issue and occurs sometime. A few times you might issue audio issue with the pc and this can be rated to the sound or with the dialog. And fixing them is quiet easier compare to other errors.

  • The best and fastest thing you can do is start updating your audio drivers. You can find that in the motherboard CD on the on the official site of your motherboard or laptop manufacturer.
  • Re-verify the version of DirectX and update that in your system. Just download a fresh copy and install it. Try removing the old one first.
  • Turning off the Sound Acceleration also helps most of the time fixing the issue. And this can be done from DirectX. Because here this tiny utility tries to boost the sound which can cause the problem. For that just press Windows + R and in the run box type dxdiag and hit enter. Go in the sound tab and reduce Sound Acceleration.
  • If still the issue is constant then you can try one more settings. For that go in Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds > Sound > Communications Tab. Just look for Do Nothing and the click on > Ok. Now try to check back.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Unable to Save Game on Steam:

Save game issues are very annoying. Here you try to save your progress and some internal bugs can mess with it. You can try out some fix that will help:

  • Exit the game first.
  • Then reboot your pc and wait back.
  • Click on Steam client first. It will start and it will try to validate the files.
  • Now login with your steam id.
  • Look for the Library section in Steam Client.
  • From here you have to choose Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
  • Just right click on the same and then click on Properties
  • You find a local files tab in that. You have to click on Verify Integrity of game cache. Click on it and try to test the game back.

Now check the game and it will start having your profile without any issue. So these were the things that can help you in fixing various problem related to Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. If you come across any more problems, which are not listed here, please post them yourself so that it can help me as well as others visiting this guide.

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