Dead Rising 3 Troubleshooting Guide: How to Fix Lagging, Poor FPS, Black Screen, Crashing, CTD, Sound and Error Messages

Dead Rising 3 Troubleshooting Guide

Dead Rising 3 also known as Deddo Raijingu 3 is the open world survival horror game which is developed by Capcom Vancouver and it is published by Microsoft Studios and Capcom itself. It is the 3rd installment in the Dead Rising series which originally started in August 2006 and we are here today with the 3rd repayment of the series. This game is available for Microsoft’s Windows and Xbox One and it was launched on September 4th and 5th, 2014.

Playing the Dead Rising 3 was really enjoyable with all that extreme gaming graphics I can take with crazy weapons, guns, knives, hammers, tree cutting machines, it was just an awesome experience. But many people might be facing these kinds of issues while installing, playing, closing, opening and all. We are going to see her, ‘How to combat these issues’ if you’re facing any one from the above. If you’ll read through this you will find any one issue which you might be searching as it gives you the complete solutions to your problems. So read on and go through all the errors and fixes. Here we go:

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
  • CPU: Core i3 3220 3.3 GHz or Amd Phenom II X4 945
  • Memory: 6 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570 OR AMD Radeon HD 7870
  • DirectX: DirectX 11
  • HDD Space: 30 GB

Recommended System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 64bit
  • CPU: Intel Core i5 4570 3.2 GHz or Amd FX-6350
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 OR AMD Radeon HD 7970
  • DirectX: DirectX 11
  • HDD Space: 30 GB

This is the system requirements as you can see above. I would recommend that you should first check through that if your computer hardware is comparatively strong enough to handle the game. This also acts as the main problem but if you have the proper drivers installed on your computer things should work fine. OK! Let’s see more troubleshooting.

Dead Rising 3 Installation Error and Solutions:

Error: “Cannot Install Dead Rising 3 PC”

When you receive this message, you might probably know that many of the application and usually games face this message while installing. This problem could be because of your system that is meeting the minimum system requirements. If you have already installed the game, to be on the safe side make it uninstall and then install it again but this time make sure that it meets the minimum system requirements, update the drivers for the hardware you have installed on the computer and most important don’t forget to install the latest Microsoft DirectX. Now probably the game should get installed. Download the latest Microsoft DirectX driver from here.

Error: “The Application failed to initialize properly

This error may real sound familiar to you, but fixing this error is quite easy. Just download the Microsoft’s Visual Runtime Libraries from the link given here.

Error: “Dead Rising 3 PC Install Fails, Cannot Install”

Many people also face this error during the game installation. This kind of error is caused due to Microsoft C++. What you can do for this is, Go to Control Panel > Uninstall Programs > Add and Remove Programs> Uninstall C++. You need to delete all the C++ entries that you see in the Add and Remove Programs. After yo0u have uninstalled it all, you need to download them again from the link given above. Now you have to reboot your PC and install the game again.

Unable to install Dead Rising 3:

  • You should always disable your anti-virus program before installing the game. When there is an anti-virus program installed on your computer it does not let you install all the files and when it see any kind of harmful file, it delete those files on the spot during installation.
  • Norton Security is an example of a famous anti-virus program which I is used by large masses around the globe. So you should also disable the anti-virus real time protection and the security guidelines of whole program so that it should not recognize the game setup as threat.
  • Your next concern should be the DVD that you brought for the game would be faulty. It might have some scratches or it might also be already damaged even if it’s new. Try to make it clean with any kind of a DVD cleaner.
  • Next problem could be the ISO or a setup file that you downloaded may have come through a bad reception. Because of that your file might have got corrupted so you have to download the whole big size file again and that is the only option we seem to be having at the moment.

Note: If you see that the installation is failed, you should always reinstall the whole file again but remember this , you should always delete the game files which was half way through to be installed. Every files of installation should get deleted as it more than important.

Dead Rising 3 Wont load, Won’t Start or Crashes on launch:

Now we have completed installing the game so now we are facing some new problems. I know it’s pretty darn but this usually happens with mostly high end graphical games. We have three fixes to get rid of this kind of issues so don’t worry:

  • Make sure you keep your graphic card drivers updated to the latest one, always check the installed version of your drivers and get a new one if available. For downloading your graphic drivers according to your video cards down here is the link to download:

1. Download NVIDIA Card drivers
2. Download AMD ATI Card drivers

  • Another reason for game is not launching or opening is the DirectX, so make sure that the DirectX is the latest updated one. If your DirectX is old kindly update it to keep up the game on its way. Sometimes updating the DirectX still don’t works then you can do is, just uninstall the DirectX and, make a reboot install it again and reboot again.
  • You might be playing the game on Windows Vista or Windows 7 or Windows 8 because the game is not supported on XP. The User Account Control could be another reason the game is unable to launch. If I’m the Admin of the PC then UAC is of no use so you can keep it disabled, in order to disable it follow these steps:

1. Just click on Start, Type UAC, and Press Enter.
2. In the opened window just pull the slider down click OK.
3. Now restart the system and try launching the game.

  • Don’t launch the game from the Desktop Shortcut icon, you need to go to Dead Rising 3 installation folder which you can find under C:\Program Files, find Dead Rising 3.exe, right click the same and select properties. Now you have to go to Compatibility Mode and then check the box for Disable Desktop Composition.’ Now you can restart the game again.

Dead Rising 3 Crash To Desktop (CTD) during Gameplay:

We have finally fixed the issue of game startup and now sometime the game crashes in between the gameplay. If you want to fix this, you can follow this:

  • There are always some processes running in the background which might be causing this issue. So before starting the game you should close all the programs that you were running or which are running in the background. For doing this, you can open Task Manager > Processes Tab.
  • By going to system configurations, disable the unwanted startup programs. For doing this type ‘MSCONFIG’ in Run Box (Win+R keys) followed by Enter. Click ‘disable all’ button and apply. Restart your Computer and then play the game again.
  • Also remember to disable the anti-virus program neither the issue will remain the same.
  • If you are still facing the game crash then go to your Graphic Card Control Panel and disable any one of your graphic card. It’s better to have one graphic card then two because it makes no big difference in frame rates unless you are playing it on three displays.

1. If you have a NVIDIA Card then click Manage 3d settings and enable ‘Threaded Optimization’ from the NVIDIA Control Panel.

2. If you are having ATI or AMD Card then you need to uninstall the Catalyst Control Center (CCC) and start the game again.

Dead Rising 3 Black Screen Problem:

Black screen can cause due to outdated graphic card driver or it might be even possible that the anti-virus or any other program is blocking the file. If you don’t know, what is causing the issue then check the fixes given below:

  • You have to do is, update graphic cards driver as well as Motherboard drivers.
  • Then go to game’s settings and disable VSync, anti-aliasing and filtering as well as multi-sampling to make it at lower settings. Maybe your system is not enough capable of running the game on High or Ultra settings.
  • Again make sure your Antivirus or any other security suite is currently disabled as they can also cause the Black Screen problem.
  • If you are playing Dead Rising 3 on Steam and you are facing Black Screen, then you have to disable the Firewall.
  • Also make sure no other applications is conflicting with the game, open Task manager > Process Tab and kill all unwanted process which are running on the background.
  • The black screen problem should be probably fixed by now. If it is still there, then uninstall the game, and delete its installation as well as Save Game folder, after that restart the PC and then install the game again and it will surely work.

Dead Rising 3 Lagging, Freezing and Low FPS Problems:

The more the game is heavier on graphic side, the more you will face the low fps, lags, and freezes. If you have a high end gaming PC, it may occur that still you are facing the low fps, lags and etc. To fix these issues you can have a look at it this fix:

  • For removing issues of lags, low fps then you needs to clear the RAM usage by killing apps running in the background. Kill every process but leave those which are used by system, game, and graphic card.
  • If again the problem persists, then open the control panel of your graphic card and disable the antialiasing and VSync
  • By doing these troubleshooting, it is possible that all your problems of lags and low fps might have solved but if you feel there is some problem then, while in the game press Alt+Tab or Ctrl+Alt+Tab to open up the Task Manager, Click the Processes Tab and then find the Dead Rising 3 and make a right click on the game. Click select priority and make it high or real time. Many of the problems get solved by doing this as well.
  • For removing the lags and low fps on Steam then you have to have a good internet connection with good speed. If you are using a WiFi connection then connect the internet to your computer via Ethernet port. Playing on the Steam requires very high bandwidth so make sure you give a fast connection v of internet to play the game.

Dead Rising 3 No Sound or Sound Stuttering:

I have never faced any such kind of problems in my entire gaming life, but still I’m giving you the solution. Here is the solution to fix the sound issues.

  • Always update your sound/audio drivers. For doing that you can visit the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver.
  • Again make sure your system has latest DirectX.
  • Probably your sound issues should get fixed by now; if still the issues persist then you need to decrease Sound Acceleration. If you don’t know how to do that, then press Win+R key to open the Run Dialog Box. Type ‘dxdiag’ and press Enter. In the dialog box, go to Sound Tab and then Reduce Sound Acceleration.
  • If still you are facing the issue, then go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sounds > Sound > Communications Tab. Click ‘Do Nothing’ and Apply > Ok. That’s it, you are done. Now you will not face any sound issues.

Dead Rising 3 Unable to Save Game on Steam:

This is the largely faced problem of Steam game players who are paying Dead Rising 3. If you are facing this issue too, then here is how to fix that:

  1. Exit the game.
  2. Restart your computer.
  3. Then run steam and validate your Game files.
  4. You can do that by login to your account
  5. Click on Library section.
  6. Then select Dead Rising 3
  7. Make a right click and select Properties.
  8. Now go to Local Files tab and click ‘Verify Integrity of game cache’ button.

OK Mate! All done, now you can probably start the game and you will face no issues. If you want to play the Dead Rising 3 with the save game then you can download it from here.

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