Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty , a series of most successful games and entertainment of recent times, is back again after a year of its runaway success Call of Duty: Black Ops, that was sold around 25 million copies in a period of less than a year. It was an unbelievable figure, that made it best selling game in history in terms of revenue. The progressing method is now well known after having given way to Treyarch guys and Black Ops last year, is now the turn of Infinity Ward – or what residue of it – to recommence torch and wavering again the sauce just before Christmas. Now here is the 3rd chapter to close this trilogy of modern warfare, with very high position bar in sales for Black Ops, and along with number of problems and controversies in its development, due to the “terrified” of many of the members of Infinity Ward, creators of the series.


Let’s start by discussing about more detail of the campaign that is the introduction of a quality multiplayer. Whereas the main attraction of this game brand lies in its multiplayer, single player campaigns have always had a fairly most important significance, providing a very brief but powerful experience. At this time we find a straight continuance of the history of Modern Warfare 2, it begins at the same point where it ends in the previous episode.

In fact, it consists of 16 missions that will make you enjoy for around 5 to 6 hours depending on the difficulty chosen. At the cost of 60 Dollars, if you do not plan to play online, it might be good to go entirely your way or stay until the app goes into opportunity! Well, we must know that Modern Warfare 3 campaign does the job, with a performance that pleasures even more in the higher bid than the previous ones. Beginning just after the end of Modern Warfare 2 which saw the Russians burst upon the world, Captain Price and his friend to settle accounts supposed villain of the story with great blows of QTE rotten, encourage us again to track the wanderings of quite a few soldiers in the a variety of theaters of worldwide operation.

The story has never been the strong point of this saga, as it usually tends to be pretty confusing and why not, particularly in its sequel. This time, however to repeat the same formulas to tell the story (with the point of view of different characters, flashbacks, loading screens with satellite maps and conversations, etc.), the truth is that it has improved somewhat following a more logical order and leaving things pretty clear. It is not the solution, but it appreciates the efforts in this regard. The conclusion of this subsaga in the series from Activision, finally parting a good impression at the argument, and the epic tone is attained by showing a world plunged into World War III will feel great.

Where appropriate, we will find ourselves at the heart of battles in the streets of an overwhelmed New York before running off to Europe to witness the devastation of London, Hamburg, Berlin, Prague or even Paris, where we also fight at the side of the forces of the GIGN. At other times, it will be located in the great costar of one of the bodyguards of the Russian president through a sequence of hijacking, which, while reminding the conclusion of the first Modern Warfare name, cleaning of all even a few nice surprises. We will also fight in India, will wrestle 5 minutes of pseudo penetration in Somalia (for a sequence of massacre we can choose to skip the so-by the way) before everything turns to the fair to block. In short, a tour of the world shaped passage where everything is ruled again by many classes of scripts, effective for all time and occasionally very clever, but occasionally gives the impression that the war is played completely for us before our eyes.

The stunning nature and strength of any development preserves the same level as ever, both for good and for bad. The title does not leave us a moment of respite and getting totally engrossed in the action, but at the same time, the sense of deja vu is steady, since the vast majority of circumstances that we will leave us with that feeling this I’ve seen before.” Incursions behind a door in slow motion moments “turrets” where we can shoot and aim just at the same time as the vehicle is moving, follow a character silently and quietly, and so on.

Game modes:

Regarding game modes, it has been divided into 4 categories, i.e. standard, advanced, alternative and self-created. Standard Mode consists of 12 different ways, consists of the classics of previous episodes, it hurts teams, Domain or sabotage, although they have included a couple of new features, most particularly Confirmed Baja mode, that turned into one of our favorites automatically.

With the plan of forcing gamers to move around the stage and put off them to sit still in strategic positions in the offing for somebody to pass to mow, the developers have had the thought to take in this modality. Where to get points, we have to recover a loose sheet that rivals-and us, to die so soon will kill someone if we cannot accept your plate. Also, if you die or any member of our team dies, we try to get our plates to put off the enemy score, so here winning team play some significance, because if we go with our partners we try to recover their badges in if he died, or even play with a little head and use these sheets as bait to attract the opposite to them and kill them before they get to take them.

The second mode, that is Advanced modes consist 8 different modes and communicate to the extreme versions of some of the standard modes, where the interface aids are much more limited and the policy of the games are much tighter and is ideal for gamers who are in search of something more strategic and already have some experience. Alternative modes are available only in private games and are a optional fun and more crazy as they include special options, such as Juggernaut, where a player will have an armor with a very hard shield, but very heavy and not will move quickly. One, who manages to kill him, becomes the fresh Juggernaut. Another example would Infection mode, where those who are infected will have to contaminate the rest, while they must try to stay alive until the end.

Game Maps:

In terms of game Maps, there are 16 new scenarios to evaluate our abilities. None of them is too big, so we learn in the one or two items and we could have an initial difficulty by not knowing the territory quickly. They are also separated into two categories, Classic, bringing the common Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Headquarters, Capture the Flag but also welcomes 2 new fendards well. “Elimination Confirmed” takes the form of a death match, apart from that to validate a section; it will automatically go stick up your victim its “dogtag”, the famous nameplate is that any good grunt must be known if it hopes to be when spraying.

This also causes that we stop to gather with other gamers, building direct combat short and medium range is quite ordinary. Though, in spite of being quite well-posed, many of them remember us in your design maps Modern Warfare 2, just with a dissimilar look on the set, which leaves us with the feeling that he could have innovated a little more on this. Knowing that the enemy could recover the plates of his friends killed in action to spare the other side to score points, you can imagine that the hand-to-body and other meanness are legion. An additional improvement is in fact the King of the Hill where the team that controls the key area receives cash bonus…

Next is the Survival mode, which could be considered as the big news in this release. Although nothing fresh to the genre, the fact is that it’s fun. This is a game mode Horde style that develops in spirited multiplayer maps and where we have to endure waves of enemies of rising difficulty. The more you kill, more money to spend on weapons and other advantages will win, and a bulletproof vest or ask for an air strike. But the big improvement in the multiplayer mode, beyond an admittedly somewhat stagnant gameplay still effective and a rebalancing of the power of weapons is the complete overhaul of the system killstreaks. For those uninformed, this term in reality refers to barbarian can get extraordinary bonuses when it connects the frags without getting desoldering.

As in multiplayer, we go up the levels the more you play, what we unlock new maps and upgrades and weapons to buy in the middle of game, which you’ll become aware of a lot and we will reach a greater number of waves. This succession and leveling must be said that is self-determining of the aggressive multiplayer. One thing that we liked is that both survival mode as the mission can only play individually or double, when would it very helpful both in gameplay as fun if they had permitted at least four players, even on some maps or missions.


At the technical level and after quite a few years using the same engine, this new installment of Call of Duty has lost much of its graphic impact. While some improvement is noted, it is a surprise to anyone; the engine of Call of Duty begins seriously to blame his age. It is thus with good texture lousy, the aliasing lag larigot, correct animations that we now see the limitations and effects somewhat coarse struggling more and more to hide destitution. The game reimburse in part by a flawless fluidity, its huge number of fighters who gleefully falling over the screen and by the appalling scenes of destruction that still manages to stage. It is not enough to make technological level we talk about something that breaks and break out from the other titles on consoles (and even less PC).

But in spite of this, all it does, it does glowing and knowing both limitations and the hardware on which it work, with two consoles and veterans with a few years behind them. This means that once again enjoy a rate of 60 frames per second to get the game runs efficiently, with no hitches and playable level it shows a lot, where our reflexes and our ability to control take preference over all else, because controls respond like a charm to our orders.

So noticeably, only practice and time will see if Modern Warfare 3 is really more balanced than the previous episodes of this series, or something as unattractive as the remote-controlled cars of Black Ops will not appear to ruin the parties. Anyhow, there is still a lot to say (with the fact that private parties are now completely customizable and you can make and share modes) the fact is that this new chapter in the series is certainly an achievement. Like it or not, the kingdom of FPS extravaganza throughout which gamers enjoy right away, without asking any questions, Call of Duty is still the king.


Modern Warfare 3 is an outstanding contemplation. It is what every fan of Call of Duty would be expecting. While not beautiful, but the staging of the campaign Dante is once more soar, while the multi visibly more fair than in the previous parts of the series, is one such model. Ending an intense campaign in previous style that started with the first Modern Warfare 4 years ago, and a Survival mode that we may have hooked for hours. Essentially, the ideal for a whole experience, would still win the lottery and buy the two FPS giants this season, one excelling in mass battles on huge battlefields, the other presenting a exceptional staging and much more arcade fighting but also more nervous. Despite this, Call of Duty is again becoming a must have for genre gamers and for all who search for direct action and non-stop to enjoy a long, long time.

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