DiRT Showdown Save Game

DiRT Showdown

DiRT Showdown is car racing game which is developed by Codemasters and published by the Codemasters only. Game is a tour game and there are many events and tournaments are included in this game and winning each tournament will give you money and customization unlock for the cars and you can just unlock the new upgrades for your car and also you can buy new car for further racing. As you advance your game, you will be facing tougher opponents and you will have to drive smartly and safely with proper car to outrun your opponent. Each stage cleared will advance you to more difficult stage and more higher and good upgrade of your car is available so you need to just grab all those and make your car look superb and sound superb.

Dirt showdown has many modes available in this game like Racing, Demolition, Hoonigan or Party. Good news is that the save game of the file is now available and you can just get save game file which is provided below, click to the link and get the save game file for your game. With the save game file you can stop and resume your game as per your wish.

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