Retro City Rampage Save Game and Trainer

Retro City Rampage

Vblank Entertainment has come up with one more action-adventure game and it follows the retro life of 80’s and 90’s and is same popular like of GTA series. As the game is wholly inspired by GTA series you will be doing same like in GTA but in different graphic design and with many more advancement in the game. You will have to explore a city and also there are 50 missions and 30 challenges to be completed and the game is really interesting. You will gain access to snatch the weapon, hijack the car or other vehicles and hit the people walking around.

It is a 2D game and the camera view is bird eye view like of GTA. Game story is very strong and this makes this game more popular. Player is a thug and works for some mafia named Jester and while making a bank robbery or heist something goes wrong and Player runs to some time-travel machine to snatch it but there he stucks and leads to break of that time travel machine.

So player is finding all the parts to rejoin the machine with help of another character. Save game file is now available for this game so you can just get the save game files from the link provided below. Just click the link and get  your desired save game file. It will help you to save your game progress and after saving you can just stop your game and can resume game as per your convenience.

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