Civilization V: Gods & Kings Trainer and Save Game

Civilization V Gods & Kings

Civilization V is turned based strategic game which is developed by Firaxis Games and the publisher of the game is 2K Games. This game features with eligion and spying mechanics to the game as well as reworking the battle and diplomacy features. You will be exploring 27 new units and 13 buildings with nine new wonders and new eras and new playable civilizations. Player will find their own religion with the help of faith resource and they will learn that religions culture. In diplomacy part there are some twist added in terms of espionage and new city-states and foreign embassies.

New quest system and strategic importance are also included as feature in City-states. In combat area, this game has made a good restructure with improving smarter bots and providing with enhanced naval combat with melee and Great Admiral units and expanded modern era. Game also has provided with more 52 steam achievements to be cleared along with provided basic levels in the game. Game is based on Civilization and also it is a turned-based game so you cannot complete this game in one day or two so you will definitely need save game file for this game, to get the save game file you will need to just click the link provided below and your save game file will be downloaded in just a minute.

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