Final Fantasy XIII 2 Save Game for PC

Final Fantasy XIII 2

Released by Square Enix, Final Fantasy XIII 2 is a RPG game for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC. We have seen many episodes and sequels of this game series and here is yet another, 13-2. In this episode we find fal’Cie has woke up again from its slumber to clear out the ongoing peace of Cocoon. So, again the Battle has begun 13 days of days of fates intertwined. Gameplay and story both are as amazing as always.

If you are playing this game on Windows PC, i have got something useful for you. While playing, if you get stuck at any level, dont worry. Here is a 100% complete save game for Final Fantasy XIII 2 using which you can move ahead and enjoy the game. Make sure you always backup your original save game before replacing them with the downloaded one. Once downloaded need to put this file at \AppData\Local\SquareEnix\FinalFantasyXIII-2\save. Remember, AppData is the hidden folder. You need to enable the Unhide folder options from Windows Explorer > Folder and Search Option, OR directly type %AppData% in Run Box (Win+R).

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