Rocket VPN App Review – The Free Proxy Shield for Android

Rocket VPN App

If you are among the one who uses his smartphone or tablets for carrying some important (or i can say confidential) activities on internet, you might surely be feeling need of a VPN (Virtual private network). Why do we need a VPN ? It is not just to play with our friends by sending them messages from different locations. It has to do lots more.

Today we require VPN to hide or protect our important online activities from any third human eye or any network bot by securing it completely. It is also require to gain access to any website or videos or even some mobile apps which are Geo restricted. For example, if you are a huge fan of WWE Network but staying a country like India when it is still to make its way, you can still have access to all shows of WWE Network by simply using it via VPN. There’s much more usage we need it for, such as you need to immediately access your Bank accounts sitting at a cafe using their WiFi. Of course you are at high risk. But you can make all these risk and Geo restrictions go away by a simple solution.

It is yet another amazing app from Liquidum, called Rocket VPN.

Rocket VPN App

Rocket VPN is a free proxy VPN app for Android smartphones and tablets that secures your each online activity and hiding your identity. Its user friendly UI lets you get into several regions with a single tap. Using Rocket VPN, not only have access to any blocked internet content of any country but also you remain anonymous without leaving any traces behind you. The app hides you actual IP, encrypts the mobile data, makes your location untraceable as well as hides your content from anyone else. All this for free !

Rocket VPN Features:

Most of the VPNs use to be paid, infact highly paid services. While we see some free services but mostly i found them fake. What made me use Rocket VPN is because it is genuinely free. Each user get 500MB free data each month at no cost at all. It offers us over 10 different regions around the world to connect in a single tap with clean easy to understand UI for a newbie as well.

Now of course you will see couple of geo restricted shows, 500 MB will go like that. But a VPN also cannot be free like your office WiFi, right? So, Rocket VPN also offers us a Free Unlimited bandwidth package for trail as well. Use it as much as you want, you wont be charged anything for 7 days trial period. Thereafter, if you like the service (i’m sure you will), but the package and go unlimited. This will also be the premium bandwidth with faster speed. Otherwise, you already have 500MB free every month.

Download & Setup:

Get Rocket VPN from PlayStore just like all other apps you do. Download, Install and launch. At first launch you will see a screen showing Singapore to Connect, your left monthly bandwidth (which will be 500MB of course), a Map at bottom with option to change location.

Rocket VPN

You can either tap on Singapore button above or ‘Change location’ at bottom to select the region where you want to connect. When you tap, you will see list of regions with one of it saying ‘Optimized Server’ which means you will get better speed from there. You will see some green and orange signals with every region listed here. It explains how good the server is. Select the best one. However, you can choose any country depending on your work. If you are connecting to watch US Netflix, surely there is no sense to connect Optimized Singapore Server.

As i said above, it just requires a Single Tap and you are done. Once you select the region, you will be prompted with a pop up asking permission to monitor your network traffic and whether you trust the source. I don’t see any risk here since Rocet VPN is worth trust. You can tap on OK which will bring up a jetpack person for couple seconds and you will be connected. You will see a sort of key icon in the notification area that will remind you that you are connected to a VPN. Also you will see your location in the map located at bottom.

Rocket VPN

Was it any difficult? I don’t think so. Now enjoy your private browsing. Just keep an eye on the bandwidth. If you have high usage and need more bandwidth, simply go for Unlimited Bandwidth Package. You can even try it out absolutely Free for a week. For doing so, simply tap the 3-dots at top right of the screen or tap ‘Try Unlimited Free’ just below the left bandwidth meter. On the next screen, you will be presented with month / yearly subscription price. Next signup option and then you will be prompted to make the payment.

Dont worry. This will be your Free Week. You wont be charged anything for first 7 days. Also, you can cancel your trail anytime and the money will be refunded to your account. In India, per month cost for unlimited package is Rs. 187.71, i.e. approximately $2.9 USD.

Rocket VPN

Browse the Web anonymously!



Rocket VPN has no settings to make. The 3-dots offers you only to go unlimited, sign-in, feedback and sharing option. You dont need to scratch your head in VPN settings. Leave it all for the app itself.

The only thing you can do is, on the front screen you get a block called ‘Rocket Launcher’ where you can pin some of your apps which set to launch with preferred region. Which means, no matter which region you are connected.

Rocket VPN

When you launch those particular app, they will switch the VPN to prescribed region automatically. As you can see the images below, in my example, the VPN is connected to Singapore, but when i launched Chrome (set to UK), it switched my VPN to UK automatically. By doing so you don’t need reveal your identity not even by mistake.

Rocket VPN


While a VPN has so many benefits, it also comes with a disadvantage. Usually the offer us slower speed than the normal connection. In case of Rocket VPN, since we carried the test on free version, could be the reason we noticed the speed drop. I dont know about the paid subscription, however, they say “Premium Bandwidth and faster speed”.

Anyways, here are some speed test results and comparisons i found during reviewing Rocket VPN. First image is my normal Mobile data speed (no vpn), followed by Rocket VPN and the last is Unotelly VPN:

Rocket VPN

I was testing the speed from United States region in both VPNs but here somehow Rocket VPN seems very slow. This could be due to being a free app. Well, money matters. On other hand, my UnoTelly account is Premium Gold plan, hence it would be offering such great speed. I’m sure the subscription plan of Rocket VPN will do the same as well.

User Interface :

In terms of UI, as i said, Rocket VPN would be no new for a newbie also. It comes with user friendly options having a big orange Connect Button, a clean usage block showing used bandwidth., along with a Map at bottom showing our virtual locations. Also there’s no head scratching settings which usually use to be in VPNs. Fortunately the App takes away all these headache from us. In fact, while testing Rocket VPN for couple of days, i didn’t even required to troubleshoot it once, not even once.

In just two taps, you get connected to a private anonymous network. Unlike the UnoTelly i use. First of all, their app never worked on my phone, it worked on tablet but cannot sign me in. Always keeps saying password incorrect although the password is correct. Secondly, i have to add each VPN manually. When required, need to connect them manually as well (left image). While the Rocket VPN offers more regions, connects in couple of taps, allows us to pin apps with prescribed locations and easy switching between regions (right image).

Rocket VPN

With the clean UI and user friendly options, Rocket VPN really made me think to switch over 🙂


With so many features along with 500MB free data as well as Free week of Premium Unlimited Package, does Rocket VPN costs anything? Well, it is free for users who want to use it for free. While it is paid for users who love to be secured on Internet and want faster VPN. As i said, the app costs only $2.99 USD / (Rs. 187.71) per month OR $29.99 USD / (Rs. 187.71) per year to get Unlimited faster bandwidth. Watch Videos, download and do lots more with complete freedom and without revealing your identity any more. I guess the app will go Ad free as well with the subscription.


Unlike other fake apps, Rocket VPN stands for what it says. You get several server locations from around the globe to access Geo restricted apps or hide your identity as well as data with just couple of taps. The app works smooth, offers clean UI, no settings or troubleshooting required. A user has to do nothing from his end, Rocket VPN is smart enough to do everything.

I heard many users says it works good on mobile data but not on WiFi. Well, i didn’t noticed any difference in my test of 3 days including several public WiFi networks. Unlike other paid VPN services, $2.99 for Unlimited Bandwidth Package with faster speed and Ad free UI, i don’t think it sounds costly at all.


rocketvpn codeRocket VPN is free app for Android smartphones and tablet pcs offering a number of VPN servers to connect with and browse the web anonymously. You can download the app right away directly from PlayStore by clicking the link or scan the code at right. In case you were looking for its APK, get it from our Download Center.

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