Remember Me Achievements Save Game

Remember Me Achievements

Launched recently by Capcom for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 Remember Me is an action / adventure video game that takes us in future in the year 2084. Technology has advanced to the point of allowing us to edit the memories, digitize them, buy or sell them. We play the character of Ni’lin who is a amnesiac heroine of the story that takes place in beautiful city of Neo-Paris. Ni’lin is trying to find her stolen past while denouncing the excesses of the memorizing company. The gameplay is very interesting with average graphic but the story is very good. I’ve completed the game and loved it.

If you are also playing Remember Me, here is something that will help you throughout the game. All Achievements Save Game. All achievements are cleared at Hard difficulty level with several stuffs you will require to play the game effectively. If you want you can download the same from this page without any registration or survey. Have Fun!

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