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“Crying is not enough” is an act of surviving game with respect to the circumstances. This game has a completely developing story which is based upon two characters called as Jacob and Claire. Both knew each other very well. Unfortunately Claire met with car accident. The accident happened due to collision of vehicles. Accident was very serious hence Claire admitted in the hospital immediately. This story is nothing but the experience of 35 years Jacob with his wife Claire after the accident. Day by day the health condition of Claire is much better.

So by looking this health improvement of Claire, Jacob feels happy but the turning point of this story is that Claire vanishes from sight before her discharge date from hospital. All the happiness went away from Jacob. He tried to search a lot but did not find his wife anywhere. Jacob asked many people for help but not success to find his wife. On that same evening, Jacob requested an unknown woman declaring that she knows where his wife is! On the same time she also shows her willingness to assist him which somehow gave an assurance to Jacob. Here the dark journey starts. Actually the plan is that Jacob will think the disappearance of his wife is a minor experience. This is the unresolved puzzle in this game. Although Jacob had full of tear on eyes but he involved in the game as a strong player. He was not in proper concentration mood but tried to survive and adopt.

Moreover Crying is not enough is completely a full version of PC game setup where players have to face enemies through different weapons as well as other survival game mechanisms. This game needs to resolve various puzzles with developing the story. It is designed with high quality of HD resolution followed by full view display so that players can easily acquaint with this PC game. Lighting of this game is amazing to play. Crying is not enough PC game also supports game controller, mouse and keyboard to play.

Let us have a look on save game file of this game. You can download this 100% completed same game from below in just a single click. It is always better to make a backup of the save game files. Actually the original save files are needed to update the game to the latest version as well as online play. Save game file allows players to save game and resume game anytime they need.

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