7 Best Smart Tricks of PUBG Mobile 2024 – Get Chicken Dinner Every Time

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Every other person you know plays the PUBG Mobile game. We are sure you know about it from a friend of yours. It’s hyped in the market for so many reasons. After all, it’s the best strategic game in the market. We know why you are here. We will help you get better with our tips and tricks for your battles in the future. You will learn to play the game like a pro and you will be our winner winner chicken dinner every time you are at the ground.

If you’re new to the game, you should know that the heart of Pubg is about surviving till the end of the game, whether you play solo, duo or in the squad mode. You have to survive for the chicken dinner. If you play the game on your phone, then these tricks will be of great help for you.

PUBG Mobile and JIO

Tip 1: Choose Landing Spot

So the first tip is about you landing at a safe place. The game starts with you and other 99 players on the plane. You have the map on the top right of your screen. Use it. Look for a secluded spot for your landing. Places like Pochinki, School, or Military Base are highly crowded, even though these are the places where you find high quantity of loot. Most of the players land here and reduce their chances of surviving. You don’t have to do that. What we find more beneficial is that you grab your guns and first aids from secluded areas and always be inside the safe zone.

The game is not about killing, it’s about surviving. So survive as much as you can. Take a safe place and take 360 degree look using the eye option at mobile screen. This will help you to only look around without moving your body which means no sound to help your enemy trace you.

Tip 2: Shoot When It Is Necessary.

When you shoot, you reveal your own position, and vice versa (the bullet mark appears on the map). Supposedly, you spot another player; it could be very tempting for you to shoot at the player. Beware, only do so, if you are sure enough that you would kill the player. You do not want to get killed just by firing in the air and revealing your position.

PUBG Lite for PC

Tip 3: Close Doors After You Enter a House:

You get a lot of supplies inside the houses and towers. It is also a great hiding place. And it might happen that your enemies enter the same house as you did and kill you without you noticing it. So, whenever you enter into a house, make sure that you close the door when you enter it.

Tip 4: Using Proper Guns and Attachments.

Don’t be one of those pubg players who use shotguns outdoors. Shotguns are easily found but are barely dependable. It is the worst gun if you are using it to kill someone at medium or high distance or even outdoors. Grab AKM or M164 or even Scar-L. These are dependable guns. They support Compensators, suppressors, scopes and extended mags. Also, carry guns that support two types of amo i.e 7.6mm and 9mm or 5.6mm whatsoever.

Tip 5 : Arm Yourself.

When you are looting the houses, always pick up backpacks, helmets, and bulletproof jackets of higher level. Keep necessary inventory such as riffle attachments, grenades, ammo and take power ups like energy drinks bandages, pain killers and first aid kits.

Keep the yellow bar high by taking energy drinks and pain killers from time to time. It helps you run faster and heals you fully.

PUBG Zombies Mode

Tip 6: Stay With the Team

It is true that a lot of players end up landing at different locations. Don’t be one of them. Always try to be very close with your team mates. It helps you defend and revive each other back to life when you end up being attacked by someone.

Turn on your voice chat. Communicate. Even after you die, you can spectate your teammates and alarm them of what you see on their screen.

Tip 7: Don’t Lie Down When Getting Attacked

When you are being attacked from medium to high distances, don’t lie down on the ground. When you lay down, it becomes easier for the person to aim at your position and attack you. The player can finish you with just one shot. You don’t want that.

In this situation you can run. And while you run, keep on jumping here and there and going here and there so that the enemies find it difficult to aim at you.

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