Gotham City Impostors Save Game

Gotham City Impostors

Gotham City Impostors is multiplayer game developed by Monolith productions and published by Warner bros. interactive. Gotham City Impostors gives player a chance to mutineer against conformity and you are just free to customize your own character. You will find vigilantes and criminals and gamers are free to create their own Batmans and Jokers character including their costumes and gadgets. You will be provided with all new and traditional weapons to play this game.

You will also get help from maps and other modes which are enthused by DC comic’s Batman license. There are four modes for playing this game Psych Warfare, Fumigation, Bounty Hunter, and Team Deathmatch and at max 12 players can join this game and play according to their liking. All the modes have different game play with some rules set in that modes so player have to follow the instruction as all the modes have its unique style of game play, so player has ample of choice to play on.

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