10 Best Free Games on Steam in 2024


Steam doesn’t needs any introduction when it comes to PC games. Now since Steam both free and paid service, it is filled with lots of options for a user to play, so it’s quite confusing for gamer where to try their hands on. It’s challenging to choose from various games available on the steam.

Here we have gathered 10 Best Free Games on Steam you may not want to miss ever. Let’s take a look:

1. Paladins:

Paladins is a shooting based game. It falls in the category of hero based shooter with its fighting skills and tactical style. This game can be played in teams. This game requires team skills and coordination to win the round. Unlike other similar games in the market, it has a deck building element which keeps their user connected in the game. The team has to build their decks, and those who have better decks would receive a winning title. Paladin is worth your time if you’re bored of similar games available in the market. The game is quite promising to give you what you need in the perfect game.

2. Planetside2:

As the name suggested it is a pc game for a generation who involved themselves in War and shooting games with amazing tactic skills and graphics. This game involves a battlefield and thousands of soldiers who fought for their clans. It involves six different classes and various fighting element. An amazing thing about this game is based on team coordination. It offers you different vehicles to fly and drive. All and all this game provides a unique experience to those who are looking something new and entertaining in games. This game gives you a world of unique experience.

3. World of Warships:

This game is quite different from already available games in the market. It offers naval experience. Unlike any other combat games, this game involves ships, crews and weapons make it quite interesting for a gamer. It also involves team coordination. Two teams fighting with each other to protect their crews. This game offers a different location, kind of ships and weapons to their gamer to make it more interesting. This game has a thing which is needed to grab the attention of their gamer. For one who wants to try something new, this game is a gem for them.

4. Duelyst:

Duelyst is a strategy game. This game occupied your mind to its core by giving you challenges. The interesting about this game is it involves art. If you are a fan of modern art then you must try this game. This game is something very deep and challenging. The good thing about a game it supports both single player and multiplayer which doesn’t make you dependent on others. This game offers a short span of time makes it more interesting and fun. It involves tactics and skills to solve the strategy. This game is a combination of fun and challenges.

5. Smite:

Smite offers you a mythological experience. It involves various mythologies from the world. This game offers you around 90 of gods to choose from. Unlike from available games, this game is different because it doesn’t offer you stuff already available. The game has isometric experience, making it different from crowds. This game is all packed with thrilling action and deep strategy. This game is very much competitive as it offers a ranking system. Rewards were offered to the one who manages to reach the highest level. Overall this game is a fun pack as it offers action and strategy to their user.

6. Eve Online:

Eve online is the only game that got mixed reviews, either people will love it or hate it. But one thing for sure they can’t get away from it. This game has the capability to shook their user. It offers an amazing fighting experience. This game has massive fight scenes which can move your core. For those who love exploring then this game is you should try your hands on.

7. Team Fortress2:


It is an arcade based shooting game. It offers nine different classes with their unique ability. This game offers their user a constant update which makes it more interesting as people are curious about it. Every new update brings new equipment, modes, and maps. This game provides training to a newbie. The fun part about this game it offers their gamers a unique hat which makes it funnier.

8. Dota 2:

Dota 2 is already talk of the town because of its huge success. This game offers healthy competition between its users. This game is free on the steam website. Almost everyone is talking about this game, building a positive environment for a new user. This game is quite addicting and it offers you a chance to get better and better with each level. Endless updates of this game are available making it new each time. Overall this game is quite gripping.

9. Path of Exile:

This game offers a new genre for its players. Those who already mastered every game this game provide you with a new thing. This game is available for free on steam. One thing which is sure about this game it gives their user a quality time of entertainment. With each update, their gamer will experience something new about it. This game has the capability to buy its user attention. If you want to learn how to progress faster in the game and learn more it’s the system you can check out only4rs.com.

10. War frame:

War frame is the most played game on the steam website, proving all of them wrong who doubted it in the first place. It is usual combat game but something about it which makes it stand out from the crowd. Hundreds of weapons are available on this game. This game has the potential to engage their users which is making it a huge success. The developers of this game have kept this thing in mind to make their user powerful while making the game. This game makes you feel powerful and energetic releasing the stress of life a bit. This game is a huge recommend for all who feel a little distracted in life.

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