Metro Exodus Save Game v2 [PC]

Metro Exodus Saves

4A games has brought us yet another addictive episode of its First Person Shooter survival horror Metro game series, named Metro Exodus. Packed up with stealth combat and several impressive elements, Metro Exodus is based in year 2036, after 25 years of Nuclear War that has left the former Russian Federation nothing more than a wasteland leaving just few thousands survivors fighting for lives under the runnel of Metro.

Being direct sequel to Metro Last Light, the game puts you again in the shoes of Artyom who is now the leader, or trying to lead a band of Spartan Rangers. The game you all over the span of entire year from spring, summer, autumn as well as the depths of nuclear winter. The game offers us stunning graphics that lets you now even experience the flickering candle in the darkness, howl of a mutant on the night wind, and more.

There is a completed Save Game for Metro Exodus already available for download but this is a new file that brings you much more than the previous one. Not only this is 100% completed but lets you replay any of the chapter of this game. If at any point you click on Continue button, you will get to see the good ending. So, download the file right away from provided download button and extract it to proper save location to make it work correctly.

Metro Exodus PC Save

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