Metro Exodus Modded Save Game [PC]

Metro Exodus Modded Saves

Metro Exodus is the 3rd installment and sequel of Metro: Last Light. Developed by 4A Games, ‘Metro’ is an amazing first-person shooter video game series. The new Metro Exodus is said to be the most immersive game the world has ever seen, probably because it takes you around the span of entire year in the gameplay with breath taking graphics. It offers you one of the most survival horror and deadly combat along with stealth elements.

Talking about the store line, Metro Exodus is based in future, year 2036, where the Nuclear war as left only wasteland. You as Artyom are in the Russian Federation fighting to take care of the left overs along with the few thousand survivors stuck in the tunnels of the Metro. If you had played any of the previous Metro games, you are surely going to love this too, more than that.

Earlier we shared a 100% completed Save Game for Metro Exodus, and now here is a Modded Save file for the same. It gives you infinite weapons and ammo. You just need to download the file from here, it takes just one click, and extract it to the proper save location of the game. That’s it. Load the save file and enjoy.

Metro Exodus Cheats

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