Top 10 Tips And Tricks For PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Update

PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

As you already heard about the news of collaboration of PUBG mobile with Resident Evil 2, the update is now available for most of the PUBG users with all new Zombie Mode. In the new update of PUBG, you will see a lot more than zombies only, including new weapons and skins. The new update is already available for Android and iOS user. Most of the users who are active on the game are highly confused about the updated mode, To make it more easy and convenient, here are 10 tips to ace the PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode and grab a chicken dinner.

1. The new update will provide you an accurate and precise jump. The safe and perfect landing on the ground is a highly recommended feature of the game and the new update is giving you the exact same to survive in ‘Zombie: survive till dawn’ mode. This will give you a high chance to land in a populated area and stay alive while the game.

2. This new update came up with medical features to support the healing at dawn. Lots of medicines, pain killers and energy drinks will be available in the game. Players can stock themselves from it.

3. The feature of staying together and fight as a team against a zombie is something out of the league. However, it will be available for the night when the enemy turns more violent.

4. Zombie vaccine is a big relief to the player when they are attacked by zombies. This will help the player to recover soon.

5. Zombie bomb will allow the player to attack the group of zombies when you and your squad are surrounded by them. The main feature of bomb is it will not affect the player. In tough strife, this bomb is a savior.

6. This mode will offer you to understand zombie behavior. As one said to fight better in war, one should know its enemy completely.

7. Whenever you get a chance look upon the masters of zombies and kill them. This will boost your chances to win the chicken dinner.

8. Ammo is something which is very essential for the game so it is better to use it precisely. Zombies can be killed through the bullet, but one headshot saves you from a lot of trouble. It will be better to use ammo at night hunt.

9. As said earlier do not waste your ammo during day fighting with zombies. It will be good if you try to distract and engage them. But be careful, engage them when only needed. Don’t invite unnecessary trouble to your house. The important thing is to stay alive in the game.

10. Most people who died in-game are because of poor strategy regarding the vehicle. Choose your vehicle wisely in the game. The vehicle will help you to block the entrance of zombies in your entrance and give you sufficient time to get ready for war.

This new zombie mode came up with lots of surprise in the bag. People will surely be going to love it.

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