W.A.R.P. Save Game and Trainer


WARP is puzzle solving and is published and developed by EA partner and Trapdoor. Game is first person game and there is player Zero introduced in this game. Zero is confused as he is taken to the military-grade secure facility and there this character gets fainted and the scientist at the military-grade performs some test and find some features of this character on the disk and later they finds that the character is incomplete without that features and so they re-insert the disk on to the character and he gains full strength. There are two game modes in this game, one is puzzle solving mode and character has to solve puzzle and get free from the facility and other is story mode where player will face obstacle and other hurdles to complete the task.

Many features is been stuffed in the player like of telepathy, teleportation and solid hologram features which can be used in this game to accomplish task and main thing to take care of is while the powers are activated of player, you cannot move from the place. You can get the save game file of this game from the link provided below, save game file is used to save the game at point and when you want to resume game then you can load the game from where you have last stopped your game.

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