Battlefield V Battle Royale Mode ‘Firestorm’ Launching on March 25th: Watch Trailer

Battlefield V Firestorm

Battle Royale is gaining more and more players now a days, around every corner of the world. After the huge success of games like Fortnite, PUBG, Anthem, etc, it seems like every game developer is now bringing their own improved Battle Royale games.

Now Battlefield is the game that needs no introduction. It was a great new from EA Dice when they announced that Battlefield V is getting an all new Battle Royale mode called ‘Firestorm’. It will be added in the game via ‘Trial by Fire update’ on March 25th.

As well know, battle royale is where you get on the field with bunch of other players and have to survive till the last by eliminating other players, to win the game. The official trailer of Firestorm is released giving us a slight look how the battlefield is going to be. You can picture the game from the glimpse of firestorm mode.

If we discussed the trailer briefly it is quite clear that this feature will offer us a wide variety of vehicles such as tractors, helicopters, Tanks etc. Tanks are considered to be the strongest vehicle which will definitely increase the value of the game. But this all vehicles will only be accessible in Firestorm mode.

Let’s first watch the Firestorm Trailer. Its Awesome. 

Developers have assured that Firestorm will be updated in Battlefield V on March 25th of this month. They released a whole official statement on their website about this new feature and mode.  We are here helping our users to understand all about this mode and how to play it. As for now, the mode has a lot of hidden features with it which basically requires a piece of prior knowledge.

According to the official statement released on a website that this mode has a unique feature and iconic battlefield, it will require a Battlefield Squad play and vehicular combat. The game is offering a special Firestorm Ranger set for those who pre-order the mode.

The game is developed by Criterion Games with a partnership with DICE. There are many more details regarding this Firestorm mode which will be revealed in next few days. Here’s what we know so far:

  • It is told that the wage war in a ring is a trap specially prepared to shrink the battlefield. Gamers must have to be very cautious.
  • The last infantry squad standing requires 64 players in 16 squads.
  • It is better if you want to win to work as a squad or team to secure objectives that offer better gear.
  • It offers you to map the massive battlefield
  • It allows you to convert the map with destruction
  • All matches are related to your company and Battlefield V progression.
  • Battle Royale makes a fiery Ring
  • The game will offer you a different set of vehicles to let you kill your enemies.

Firestorm Objectives

There are different objective prevailing in the game. The game will offer you a conquest mode, different vehicles, weapons, and supplies. The main objective should be to work in a team and unlock the gear. Your motive should be to remain alive in the game.

The Largest Battlefield Map Ever

The game will offer you a giant battlefield with the ability to map and locate the squad. The map will help you to trace the looted equipment.

Command Devastating Vehicles

The game will offer you an unbelievable vehicle such as tanks which will help you on the battlefield.

Other than this the game will offer a fire ranger set to those who pre-order the game. There are so many other offers available in pre-order such as paratrooper outfit, special assignment etc.

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