How To Fix Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Black Screen, Wrong Resolution or Screen Flickering

Sekiro Shadows Die Twice Troubleshooting Guide

As far we know Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice is receiving a mixed reaction from the audience. Most of the user enjoying the game and happy while some are disappointed with the game, actually with the issues occurring during the gameplay. Recently a lot of users complained about the game. Same is happening with the performance of the game.

For some user, the game is perfectly optimized while for others it is hard to deal with, or we can say PCs are going through a tough time while playing Sekiro.If you got a chance to visit the official page of Steam community you will notice lots of complain about Sekiro Shadow Doe Twice. Gamers are talking about the problems they are facing. They are also reporting the bugs on forums so that makers can look out for them.

The reason is some glitches. Some of them have been solved while some don’t have any workaround yet. Some of the problems like dropping FPS, Lagging and stuttering is not a big issue, it is quite common to happen and they can be easily fixed, as mentioned in this Troubleshooting Guide. However, some of the glitches in the game require special attention.

The issues which need special care in Sekiro Shadow Die Twice is Screen flickering, black screen, and wrong resolution problems. It is not possible to unsee these issues because many users are agreeing with the glitches and they are asking for a permanent solution. Luckily few of them found the solution on their own and here we are going to discuss the same.

Here’s how to fix Black Screen or Flickering or Resolution in Sekiro Shadow Die Twice:

Please Note: This fix has worked for many but few are still facing the problem. So, it is not guaranteed if this will fix the issue on your PC too, but it is must try coz there is nothing to loose if it didn’t worked.

  • Take a Notepad and copy the following lines in the same:
<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-16″ ?>
  • Now save the file as ‘GraphicsConfig.xml’
  • Copy this file at C:\Users\your_username\AppData\Roaming\Sekiro\

Now Restart the computer and your game. Hopefully the problem should be fixed by now.

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