Top 5 Incidents of PUBG Addiction That Demands PUBG Bann in India

PUBG Addiction Incidents

From the day when PUBG was launched for the mobile phones apart from the desktop, the popular Royale game has grabbed the attention lot of people across the globe. People are going crazy after the game where they hunt for chicken dinner. The game is very addictive in nature due to frequent updates and new features. We have seen a number of cases where the players are losing their mental balance after playing the game. The impressive graphics and smooth functioning create a illusion in the minds of players due to which players are not able to come out of the game even when they are not actually player the game in real.

Various incidents across various geographic locations have become a matter of concern. The rising popularity also leads to rise in life risk of many people. The game is getting blamed for all the wrong reasons these days. In fact, many of the state government has banned the game. Various authorities are taking strict actions against people who are playing the game in public.

We will here highlight the five-reason telling you all about the gruesome effect of this life-threatening game.

  1. A young boy from Telangana district has died while playing PUBG. Due to continuously playing the game for around 45 days has led to the neck pain while resulted in the death of the teenager. He was immediately taken to the hospital for the medication but dies during the treatment. Continuously playing the game for long duration has resulted into his death.
  1. According to a report, in an examination of economics, a student get failed because he has written “How to play PUBG? “in the answer sheet. The student was a brilliant student and never failed in any exam earlier. But due to the addiction of PUBG, he was so into the game that lost track of this examination. And he starts bunking classes for playing PUBG. As per the statement by the student ‘the images of the game still linger in his mind’. He has written everything about a PUBG in the exam as he doesn’t know answer to any question.
  1. One of the men from Chhindwara in Madhya Pradesh drank acid instead of water while playing PUBG. He was so engrossed in the game that he could not distinguish between water and acid. He was taken to the nearby hospital where he was operated and is not said to be fine.
  1. A train in Hingoli district in Maharashtra hit two people who were busy playing PUBG. The train Hyderabad- Ajmer knocked them down as the two were playing the game sitting very close to the railway track. Later their dead bodies were found. The highly addictive nature of the game had made it very life threatening.
  1. After playing PUBG for ten continues days, a fitness trainer started hurting himself and lost his mental balance in Jammu and Kashmir. According the doctors who was treating him, the trainer has lost mental balance and is unconscious.

These incidents are not the only incidents happened. There are many such cases reported. I request all the PUBG fans to limit the number of hours they spend playing PUBG and value their precious lives.

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