Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 is coming with another massive Black Ops 4 feature

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4

Well, we all are aware about the first person Shooter game Call of Duty. Recently the developers surprised all their fans by not showcasing the Single-Player campaign. Generally, the gamers had a certain pattern like they bought the game and play it with a typical storyline and then prefer a multiplayer option. Obviously, Modern Warfare 4 needed to level up to the demands of gamers. They are disappointing gamers in their particular favorite mode.

The last time we checked on Gaming Intel, it had shocking news for their Call of Duty fans that now the mega-series won’t involve all time favorite Zombie Mode. This news came as a massive surprise to all their fans because the mode has earned a lot of respect since starting.

However, Black Ops 4 had to offer certain zombies mode to their gamers and that available in game as a co-op mode.

The news is hard to digest because the zombie mode is available in every Call of Duty game since 2014 and is very famous in drawing their player’s attention to the game. The thing which is most loved by their fans was that games allowed teamwork with the other members where they fight off the enemies.

To fill the gaps, they release the Modern Warfare 3 Survival mode. Here we are helping you to understand the new mode by providing some details we get from the trailers which are by the way on the internet.

The game is particularly designed for Horde mode where you and your game buddy will fight the living. The mode can basically work as a combination of zombie mode and old survival mode which can be a good thing for gamers.

The makers had predicted that the game will offer a certain level of fun to gamers as they are giving you AI enemies for a change. Till now we have basic details about the game they are offering and it is said that sometimes changes brings best out of the game. Hopefully, the game will be available by the end of the year and probably in the next few months; we will get more news about the upcoming game.

Nevertheless according to Gaming Intel that the multiplayer’s option in Modern Warfare 4 has also faced some changes and apart from that there will be no new character in the game as far we know.

The other major change is series divided their player classes into a various different division. It has been said that users will notice Cod change-up. It took us a while to understand what is this Cod?  Basically, with this, you can boot up the game. It will offer a Standard COD loadout and also removes class-specific perks and abilities. This is another try from makers to bring a game back to their roots and it is a good start for it.

One of the sources revealed that Battle Royale might be removed from the game.  Lots of air about the game will be cleared with the release.

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