Expeditions: Viking Save Game Download

Expeditions Viking

Expeditions Viking is a historical RPG video game based on tactical combat system. The game was developed by the Logic Artists and released on Microsoft platform in April 2017. It is the sequel of Expeditions Conquistador released in 2013, which was unable to gain much success and popularity. However, the Expeditions Viking has its substantial fanbase and received positive critic reviews so far.

The character you will play is young Thegn, who is the newly appointed leader of the viking clan.You have your own town, and in order to to become a influential leader who’s name will be remembered for a thousand years, you must have great strength and wealth to achieve legacy and prosperity of your town.

You and your army of viking warriors will work together to complete the missions and head on the way to Britannia for wealth and fame. Your goal is to protect your town from Nordic Factions and raid nearby areas for money and popularity.
On this mission, there will be a lot of quest and turn-based tactical combats.

We are providing you the 100% completed Save Game file for this iconic game so you can play freely without worrying about losing your game progress due to any reason. The file contains all unlocked weapons for all fights. You just need Download the save file, extract it to save directory on your computer which is C:\Users\%user-name%\Documents\My Games\Expeditions Viking\Savegames and restart the game.

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