Battlefield V Firestorm Duos And Squad (Co-Op) Launching This Month

Battlefield Firestorm Duo Squad

Recently Battlefield V finally crowned with the Battle Royale Mode called Firestorm. Gamers are all excited and enjoying this new mode. It comes along with a massive and biggest map of all Battlefield game, which is a cherry on the cake. Until now what we heard about the popular mode is that there are only two ways to enter the firestorm mode, the first one is that you have to walk in mode all alone and the second option is you can team up with others players. Other players can be your friend or game buddy or random people on the game.

Here’s good news for those who were desperately waiting for the Duo mode in Firestorm. Sources revealed that the Duo focused mode will be available in Firestorm in April, this month. Most of the players were looking for this particular mode in the game so it is definitely going to be exciting news.

Recently the post released on the EA website clears most of the doubt of the users, such as a bunch of new content is going to be available in Battlefield V and on Firestorm too. Talking about the Battle Royale mode, it was assured that the things will be different with Tides of War, it will be better and improved. The Firestorm mode is bringing a lot with it as a gift to their gamers such as for starters all Battlefield V players will work as tides of war. The next thing is the Duo play. However, it has been said about the duo play that it will be available for the limited amount of time in April.

Battlefield V Tides of War

Lots of possibilities regarding the future of the game is made since they are offering Duo mode for a limited period so it is quite interesting to see what they will offer next to keep the game interesting and alive among their fans. It will possible that you will see the firestorm mode evolve in a couple of months, makers will surely experiment something with a mode to bring the best out of it.

The good news is it is confirmed by the Criterion Software’s Arthur Rohart that gamers will experience new content in firestorm mode on weekly basis and it will be better each day, they will launch a new update to make it best. Other than this player will notice new vehicles, weapons, quality of life improvement, class play and progression by the time. The mode will continue to evolve so that it can surprise its users. He also confirmed that there will be no exotic modes at launch.

Battlefield V and Firestorm both are available on Xbox-one, PC and PlayStation 4. If you haven’t played the game try it out.

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