Risk of Rain 2 Tips: How to Get Blue Portal & How to Earn Gold Using Shrine

Risk of Rain 2 Saves

In case you know about the Blue Orb and have doubts regarding visiting the Lunar shop and blue portal, don’t worry. We will clear your doubt.

What Is Blue Orb and How to Get Blue Portal?

During the game, if a message appears saying “Blue Orb is appeared”, you or your team member will find a small blue rock. When you give this rock a lunar coin, then it will reform into a Blue Orb !

When you defeat the boss, the Blue Orb causes the Lunar Portal to appear.

You need to defeat the boss before your teleporter hits 100% and then you get to the Blue Portal. You can visit the Bazaar between the realms by spawning this Blue Orb. There you will see a strange blue vendor, and after giving him 10 Lunar coins, you unlock a character Articifer.

How to Earn Gold Using Shrine?

The Gold coins are very important and useful in the game. By using these coins, you can open boxes containing useful weapons that help you to live longer. You earn these little gold coins by defeating the enemies and opening the canisters you will find around.

But, there is another way, which is a bit risky to earn some gold very quickly. Another way we are talking about is earning the gold using Shrines. You will find Shrines dotted around the map. There will be a red symbol and warning of danger above it.

The danger is, you will lose 50% of health if you use it. So, if you don’t mind losing half of your health, then you can get yourself some gold very quickly. The Shrines can be used three times for 50%, then 75% and then lastly 93% of your health.

The best way to use the Shrines for gold is at the early levels where you are likely to open the useful crates. But, don’t be greedy, as you might fall on death if you’ve not used the carefully.

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