What’s Difference Between Original Borderlands and Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition

Borderlands 3 Game Of The Year

Recently a new installment of Borderlands appeared on Steam after leaking about a year ago. The game is titled with Borderlands Game of the Year Edition. So it is quite interesting to know how it is different from the original game and how it is working among gamers.

The announcement of a game was made last week and it is launched on both Console and PC. The new Borderland GOTY is all packed up with new content, in addition to this the visuals of games are drastically improved and it includes all the original DLCs too. That’s not all. Borderland: Game of the Year Edition comes with all cool features such as co-op play and it allows four-player split screen co-op.

The rebuilt edition of this game includes all new features such as the game is compiled with new weapons and the quality of life also improved in games. The original release of the game was in 2009 and while comparing the GOTY version with it, you will definitely notice the change. For starters. Arekkz in this new build will do all the leg work. You can totally rely on it by simply watching.

Talking about the second feature which is grabbing users attention in which they mention the Quality of life changes. It includes the summing up of mini-maps which are easy to toggle. This feature is considered as a major improvement.

About the GotY Edition, players are allowed to lock all their weapons and they can mark them as junk. Other than this the basic items like money, ammo, and health will by themselves collect up from the ground and will add into your stash. You don’t have to personally collect it or deal with it.

If you are wondering what changes to notice in this, the very first thing is pre-sequel will remain live in the game. Most of the people were confused about this pre-sequel mode. So basically, it is a thing which allows you to use your codes which you earn in-game outside the game such as on social media platform. Through this, you can unlock the in-game content. These are basically rewards named as Golden keys to know the game better.

About Borderlands 3 release, most probably it will hit the consoles in September this year. So you are allowed to pick from the original Borderlands. With this, Gearbox also revealed Ultra HD texture packs. The Borderlands 2 will be available on the market on April 13. It will be available on both PC and Consoles.

The game Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition is already on the floor. It is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Good news for the ones who already have Borderlands in their Steam Library, Borderlands GOTY is absolutely free for them.

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