How to Use Shift Codes in Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced Edition


As we all knew the original version of Borderland was released about a decade ago and recently Gearbox has remastered the whole game and launched the all new “Borderlands: Game Of The Year Enhanced Edition”. With this whole new release of the title we can sense the excitement of fans.

There is no doubt in saying that till date Borderlands game is one of the best RPG First Person combat games in the market, specially when it comes to madness. If you are still unaware of the genre of the game, let us clear the air about it. It is basically a shooter game in which you are allowed to loot the things available in a game. The thing which is the USP of this game is that it allows the mind-blowing and extraordinary features to the gamers.

If you are playing Borderlands GOTY, you must know that Shift Codes are basically the best things one can put in the game. It is already winning player’s hearts by simply just being available in the game. It will be great fun to explore the Shift codes. But some gamers who are new to Borderlands might not be aware of what we are talking right now; we can understand that it is hard for you to understand what Shift Code is and how it works in-game?

First thing first let’s clear your doubt about Shift Codes. Basically, the Shift Code is a way to get Golden Keys in game. It is simply a code that player can enter in-game to avail passes to get Golden keys. One must be wondering about what is the use of Golden Keys, you can use it for unlocking the Chest. The chest is basically a thing which allows loot to a player.

Here’s how to access the Shift Codes:

STEP-1:- the very first thing you have to start the Borderland game of the Year Enhanced.

STEP-2:- Go to the Main Menu and then Select Extras

STEP-3:- In Extras you will notice the option Shift Code, just select it.

STEP-4:- Check out the list of ‘My Offers’, there you will see the Option called Shift Code and you will also notice the button which is specially design for assigning purpose. All you have to press those keys then you are all set to hit the screen where you can apply all the shift codes.

STEP-6:- The final step is to enter the Shift Code in-game and submit it.

It might be possible that after entering the Shift Codes you will probably receive a confirmation message.These Shift codes are basically the gem of the game. If you haven’t tried the game yet, you can try it. It is available on Xbox-one, PC, and PS4. The game is worth giving a try.

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